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Eric Sales ’13

Meet Eric Sales ’13

Some day, Eric Sales ’13 hopes to practice law internationally. But with at least three and a half years of college and three years of law school between himself and that goal, the first-year student from Exeter, NH, is grateful to have a Hamel scholarship at UNH to help defray the cost of his education. “I chose my state school to save the money I’d otherwise spend on college for grad school,” he says. “The Hamels’ support really helps make that possible.”

The Hamel Scholarship program was established in 2008 by longtime UNH supporter Dana Hamel and his family to draw top in-state students who excel in community service and leadership as well as academics to UNH. The program is made up of two components: Hamel Family Scholarships, which are awarded to incoming first year students, and Hamel Scholars awards, which are extended to rising juniors. In addition to receiving individual scholarships, the Hamel students meet as a group for regular topic-focused luncheons, peer mentoring, and other leadership development activities.

Hamel sees scholarship as a powerful, necessary tool to retain the brightest New Hampshire students in the state. “Despite limited resources, UNH already graduates terrific students, particularly in the sciences,” he says. “There are undergraduates here doing research on par with Cal Tech and MIT.”

In 2009, the Hamel Scholars component of the program was expanded to include out-of-state students. For the 2009-10 academic year, 25 undergraduates hold Hamel Scholarship program awards.