UNH Parents

Isles of Shoals Society

GIFTS of $50,000 AND UP

Karol Hamel and Dana A. Hamel G
Charlotte B. Kimball † G
Eleanor Gay Otis G
Nancy P. Paterno G and Joseph J. Paterno, Jr. G
Linda L. Rydin and Craig W. Rydin G
Julie Cramer Williams and Terrence L. Williams

The Great Bay Society

GIFTS of $25,000 to $49,999

Dorothy D. Caswell and Hollis L. Caswell III
Anna Grace Baer Holloway G and Paul J. Holloway, Jr. G
Anne Y. Loomis G and James L. Loomis G
Ladd W. McQuade
Miriam Ross Nelson and Charles W. Nelson

College Woods Society

GIFTS of $10,000 to $24,999

Virginia S. Braconier †
Jerilyn Brownell G and David P. Brownell G
Teresa L. Cain and Ronald B. Cain
Christine V. Crockett and Bruce K. Crockett
Ruth Darling G and Nelson J. Darling, Jr. G
Kathryn Parks Forbes G
Debra F. French and Steven B. French
Kenneth R. McKinnon G
Rita Martin Patten and Harry S. Patten
Sherilyn W. Phillips and Robert E. Phillips
Anne Learnard Reynolds G
Linda Gilbert Riley and Timothy M. Riley
Joan A. Savage G
Janet I. Scott G and James M. Scott, Jr. G
Gerald L. Smith G
Katherine R. Stebbins
Sandra Sotiriou Stewart G and Paul N. Stewart G
Lynn Lamontagne and Robert C. Tillotson
Heidi W. Varley and Thomas M. Varley
Laurie J. Wilson and Kenneth D. Wilson
Gerald H. Wolcott G
Barbara J. Zissi and Vangel R. Zissi

Oyster River Society

GIFTS of $5,000 to $9,999

Judith K. Aiken G and Bradley J. Aiken G
Barbara Blake and Jules Blake
Lisa B. Chace and Richard Chace
Kathleen Dillon Cook G and Bradford E. Cook G
Patricia Caswell Dey G
Deborah Dugal
Deborah Elwell Freedman and Alan M. Freedman G
Catherine E. Goegel G and John T. Goegel G
Melissa S. Hardman and Glenn A. Hardman G
Amy Pogue Haseltine and Craig E. Haseltine
Erle Huntington and Jeffrey R. Huntington G
Eleanor Huntington G and Jonathan Huntington G 
Susan M. LaBonte G and John L. LaBonte G
Sharon Couture Lamontagne and Richard W. Lamontagne G
Susan Robinson Long G
Robert D. Mancuso
Susan Dutoit McCarthy and William R. McCarthy, Jr.
Katharine Tarbox McLeod and Donald O. McLeod G
Ann Prunier Murphy and Douglas W. Murphy
Jane A. Nisbet and John B. Moeschler
Susan D. Pepin G
Holly Rene G and Edmond W. Rene G
Geraldine Rock and Barrett N. Rock
Mary Dundas Runser and Bernard L. Runser
Dorothy Anne Sullivan and Thomas F. Sullivan
Marian Siter Willey G and Leonard F. Willey G
Dottye Graves Yakovakis G and James S. Yakovakis G

Wagon Hill Society

GIFTS of $2,500 to $4,999

Dorothy LaRochelle Barker G and Allan M. Barker G
Therese J. Bowman and Patrick F. Bowman
Janet Carlson and Peter M. Carlson
Judith L. Churchard and Timothy J. Churchard G
Robyn Coccia and Silvio Coccia
Andrea M. Dupont G and Edward C. Dupont, Jr. G
Marianna R. Grimes G and John A. Grimes v
Mary Lita K. Haack and Frederick L. Haack III
Christine Hibberd and Frederick H. Hibberd, Jr.
Holly Patterson Horne G and Peter J. Horne G
Dorothy M. Kraft and George Doran G
Douglas Palardy and Daniel E. Innis G
Karen Burgess Smith and Randall P. Raymond G
Suzanne K. Schultheis and John W. Schultheis
Janet Lee Simpson G and Alan C. Simpson G
Lynne P. Sweet G and David P. Sweet G
Jean A. Twombly and James E. Twombly
Rosemary H. Umile G and Richard C. Umile G
Pamela Walker and Mark S. Walker
Barbara G. Wood and Irwin B. Wood G
Patricia A. Worthen and John A. Worthen

Mendum’s Pond Society

GIFTS of $1,000 to $2,499

Laurie D. Albert and David R. Albert
Angelika Angino and Francis Angino
Susan J. Batchelder and William T. Batchelder G
Howard E. Bean, Jr. G
Kathleen Carroll Bergeron G and H. Edmund Bergeron, Jr. G
Marian Doty Bickford
Susan K. Blane and Alexander Blane, Jr.
Helen Plasteras Blewett
Kathleen Blum and Robert Blum
Alma Colson Boynton
Donna J. Brownell and Kevin L. Brownell
Jane Phillips Carbonneau G and Lionel J. Carbonneau, Jr. G
Sibylle J. Carlson
Doreen Chapman G and Michael S. Chapman G
Pamela L. Ciccone G and Anthony E. Ciccone, Jr. G
Ruth Nash Clark G and George Clark, Jr. G
Pamela C. Clemente G and Joseph T. Clemente, Sr. G
Martha C. Corson G
Dorothy J. Curtis and John C. Curtis
Julia Dameron and Dow Dameron
Mary Lundberg Dewing G and Richard Dewing G
Marjorie Holmes Dow G
Marie Doyle and Richard K. Doyle
Pamela Costello-Dziama and Gary M. Dziama
Carole Eby and Martin Eby
Marion S. Ellis G and David W. Ellis G
Robin L. Elwell G and Jeffrey W. Elwell G
Valerie C. England G and Frederick J. England, Jr. G
Deborah A. Evans G and Kenneth L. Evans G
Pamela G. Farrell G and William J. Farrell G
Joyce Kemper Foster and George N. Foster G
Melissa B. Foy and Jeffrey M. Foy
Susan W. Fuller G and Steven P. Fuller G
Sharon Blumberg Gold and Jonathan M. Gold
Helen M. Grant and Clarence L. Grant † G
Karen Gray G and John G. Gray G
Heather N. Greenwood G
Ruth D. Griffin
Fred W. Hall, Jr. G
Jane Bradley Harrington G and Hollis E. Harrington, Jr. G
Joan Zing Holroyd and Donald E. Holroyd
Diane M. Howard G and James A. Howard G
Zena Hundertmark and Garry Hundertmark
Diane O. Keleher and Randall M. Keleher
Gail Hayes Kelly and Edward S. Kelly
Marilyn S. Kenison and John B. Kenison G
Lois Kfoury and Frederick B. Kfoury, Jr. † G
Elizabeth Knox and Francis Knox
Sally W. Lawson G and John H. Lawson G
Patricia H. Lochhead and William R. Lochhead G
Elizabeth R. LoMedico and John J. LoMedico
Joanne Sullivan Luciano G and Louis S. Luciano G
Robert M. MacPherson
David L. Mahoney G
Sandra L. Mazaika and Robert J. Mazaika
Sanford R. McCann
Barbara L. McClure and Clark A. McClure G
Jenny A. Sheehan G and Sean P. McDonnell G
Patricia L. Molan and Richard E. Molan
Sarah D. Nardella G and Robert N. Nardella G
Lee M. Nelson G and William T. Nelson G
Linda B. Nizolek and William J. Nizolek
Deborah J. Nowak and Bruce A. Nowak
Eileen M. O'Keefe and Robert J. O'Keefe, Jr.
Leslie A. O'Neill and Brian O'Neill
Jean Saunders Payson G and Willard H. Payson G
Barbara Watson Pillsbury and Henry Pillsbury
Kathryn C. Pinch and Timothy A. Pinch
Carol L. Pohlmeyer and Paul E. Pohlmeyer
Nancy Norwood Pomerleau G and Ronald L. Pomerleau G
Roberta Arbree and Robert C. Potter G
Barbara Profit and Ricky Profit
A. Jane Brown Rasmussen and John E. Rasmussen
Paula Coyne Rohr G and Bruce D. Rohr G
Maria M. Rubinstein G and Mark Rubinstein G
Kathleen Ryan and Steven M. Ryan
Karen K. Schwalm and William J. Schwalm
Travis A. Shattuck G and Daniel C. Shattuck, Jr. G
Kevin M. Shea
Janice C. Sheen G
Nancy A. Shillaber and R. Scott Shillaber
Suzanne Shire and Andrew Shire
Gerry S. Weidema G and Joseph K. Simeone G
Deborah C. Simpson and Douglas H. Simpson
Jane Phipps Skofield and Herman T. Skofield
Nancy H. Stager and James E. Stager
Barbara E. Stone G
Jacqueline F. Thompson G and Charles W. Thompson G
Mary Ann Vailas and Nicholas J. Vailas
Allison VanRiemsdyk and Frans VanRiemsdyk
Eleanor Stewart Volpe and H. Thomas Volpe
Gayle Lorden Wade and Kenneth J. Wade
Shirley J. Wagner G
Jean Griffin Wakefield and Reginald K. Wakefield
Ann McGoff Walls and Jerry N. Walls G
Barbara S. Weglarz and Stephen P. Weglarz G
Jeanne Vigone Wentzell G and Steven P. Wentzell G
Marianne L. Wohlfarth and Donald L. Wohlfarth, Sr.
Charlotte A. Wood and Frank A. Wood
Heidi Wostbrock and Steve Wostbrock
Suzanne Savage Yeatts and Byon W. Yeatts

Dean’s Club

GIFTS of $500 to $999

Kim M. Adams and Gilbert S. Adams
Deborah Donovan Banks and John R. Banks
Joye C. Barrett and Ellis S. Barrett
Elizabeth A. Barrett and Joseph P. Barrett
Carol W. Bense and Theodore C. Bense
Wendy Berryman G and Richard Berryman G
Nancy Parry Blampied G and Douglas H. Blampied G
Linda Mailloux Boothroyd and James D. Boothroyd
Jill Feldmann Brandt G and R. Allen Brandt G
Margaret H. Brown G and C. Thomas Brown G
Judith Maddocks Brown G and Robert H. Brown G
Kerri Brown and Michael Brown
Constance Estes Chase G and David G. Chase G
Donna S. Childs and Montgomery R. Childs G
Susan M. Christmas and Robert D. Christmas
Lisa Clark
Susan M. Clark and Stephen G. Clark
Katherine Cohen and Gary H. Cohen
Catherine E. Corbett and Michael L. Corbett G 
Stuart Dedopoulos
Barbara S. Deselle and Andrew Deselle
Harriet C. DiMartino and Dominic D. DiMartino †
Angela M. DiMatteo and John M. DiMatteo
Brenda A. Doherty and Mark Doherty
Pauline L. Engler and Richard W. Engler
Annette S. Fain † G
Joanne M. Fairchild G
Nancy-Ann Card Feren G and Richard B. Feren G
Katherine Conway-Frangione G and Thomas A. Frangione G
Ann B. Fuller G
Raisa Gaines and William Gaines
Mary M. Galvin and Harold L. Galvin
Alyson Everett Gaumer and Stephen R. Gaumer
Catherine E. Georgallas and Stephen J. Georgallas
Donna Gibson and Charles W. Gibson
Darius Ginwala G
Kim P. Girard and Mark J. Girard
Patricia Grant and Philip W. Grant
Maureen Grote and Thomas Grote
Maureen Manning Hall and Leland W. Hall
Deborah P. Hanson G and Timothy J. Hanson G
Penny H. Hardy G and Dale V. Hardy G
Lamont Harris
Kelly L. Henke and Douglas J. Henke
Donna J. Hinkle and Phillip E. Hinkle
Tracey R. Hurwitz and David B. Hurwitz
Doris B. Irwin G and Manley R. Irwin G
Susan Sawyer Jackson G and Richard S. Jackson G
Judith Putnam Jackson G and Walter S. Jackson G
Judith A. Kennedy and Nelson F. Kennedy
Julie A. Kinney G and George J. Kinney G
Kris J. Kostolansky
Rebecca Walker Lenzi G and Brian D. Lenzi G
Cynthia O. Lindemeyer and Paul Lindemeyer G
Susan A. Logue and Edward C. Logue, Jr.
H. Clifford Lundblad G
Natalie Thompson Lyman and Robert G. Lyman G
J. Albert Lynch and Mildred E. Lynch †
Amy MacArthur and David W. MacArthur
Stephen G. Marcotte
Joann K. Martorelli G and Frank Martorelli G
Joanne McCandless and Jack P. McCandless
Doreen McGillis and Roy McGillis
Diana L. McNally and Sean M. McNally
Tamara Meyer and Frank Meyer
Sharon L. Mitsopoulos and Spiros Mitsopoulos
Patricia K. Moore and Stephen P. Moore
Kelli A. Mork and Frank E. Mork III
Kristine Nagengast and Richard E. Nagengast
Melissa R. Nazarenko and Dimitri M. Nazarenko
Karen A. Neumann and Ed W. Neumann
Jessie Fowler Neville and William R. Neville, Sr.
Jeanne M. Osborne G and Robert L. Osborne, Jr. G
Sue Flanders Parr and Daniel J. Parr
Regina K. Pike G and John E. Pike G
Lois Jeanne Pustell and Stephen E. Pustell
Susan Frazer Robertson and Robert B. Robertson
Janice V. Rogoff and Bruce E. Rogoff
Cathy M. Romano G and Dominick J. Romano G
Pamela B. Rosen and Gregg H. Rosen
Cydney J. Scarano G and V. Martin Scarano G
Carole T. Schanley and Darvin Schanley G
Dezna Schlatter and Steven A. Schlatter
Nancy A. Shillaber and R. Scott Shillaber
Norma Perkins Slanetz and L. William Slanetz
Judith M. Smith and Clifford G. Smith
Lena Pillsbury Snook and George A. Snook G
Mindy J. Solomon and Richard A. Solomon
Virginia Sorkin and Edward Sorkin
Gloria D. Spanos and Peter D. Spanos
Loretta Sparks and Leslie Sparks
Cassandra A. Spears and Harold E. Spears, Jr.
Amelia A. Taylor and James D. Taylor G
Judith McEachern Thibault and Nelson L. Thibault, Jr.
Daryl Dexter Thompson G and Bradley J. Thompson G
Donna M. Tighe and John J. Tighe
Catharine B. Trimble G and Donald A. Trimble G
Cheryl L. Tulley and Vincent F. Tulley II
Gretchen S. Urban
Lisa Van Berlo and Mitchel Van Berlo
Gabriele Lieberg and Walter M. Wingate

Blue and White Club

GIFTS of $100 to $499

Kathleen Abrams and John Michael Abrams
Diane M. Abruzese and Thomas E. Abruzese, Sr.
Hayley T. Ackers and Clifford Ackers
Catherine A. Adair and Kenneth R. Adair
Susan Perry Adams and Bruce W. Adams
Maureen M. Adams and George Adams
Doreen E. Tatro-Adams and Jeffrey M. Adams
Lois P. Afrow and Jay R. Afrow
Cindy Agan and Michael Agan
Donald P. Ahearn
Linda M. Alamshah and Robert H. Alamshah, Jr.
Sharon Albertini and Wayne Albertini
Raquel Aldo and Albert E. Aldo, Jr.
Sheila Aliber and Sydney L. Aliber G
Lori Allanach and Mark Allanach
Gail S. Allard G and James C. Allard G
Susan E. Allen and Charles Allen
Marion Butson Allen
Julienne G. Allen and William L. Allen
Kathryn Amar and Matt Amar
Marilyn S. Ambrose and Robert P. Ambrose
Constance L. Ambrose
Alexander R. Amell G
Bonnie L. Amlaw and James R. Amlaw
Mary Ann S. Anderson and Richard Anderson
Janet S. Anderson G
Ann S. Anderson and Richard W. Anderson
Kristine R. Anderson and David G. Mills
Allyson Anderson-Sterling and Richard T. Sterling
Claire G. Andrade and Frank M. Andrade
Mary Andrews and Bruce Andrews
Jane L. Angarola
Rodica Anghel and Gabriel C. Anghel
Alison Angle and Jeffrey R. Angle
Patrice Anibal and Theodore Anibal
Elizabeth Anson and Kent Anson
Sandra M. Antico and Anthony J. Antico III
Wendy Applegate and James Applegate
Emily A. Archer and Herbert S. Archer
Patricia A. Arcure
Patricia L. Armstrong and Scott J. Armstrong
Lisa D. Armstrong and Paul C. Armstrong
Lois Jesseman Armstrong G and Frederick Armstrong III G
Ana Maria Hernandez Ash and Charles G. Ash III
Selena K. Ashline
Lisa Auffrey
Sharon M. Aufiero and James P. Aufiero
Carrie Ayer and David Ayer
Thomas F. Bagley and Joan M. Bagley †
Marie M. Bahlert and Brian C. Bahlert
Elizabeth Lee Bahros and Anthony N. Bahros G
Janice Baird and Bruce Baird
Beverly B. Balch G and Jeffrey A. Balch G
Saran Bambushew
Mary Callaghan Bamford G and Paul D. Bamford G
Lois G. Bannan G and Michael W. Bannan, Jr. G
Debra P. Bardi and Richard C. Bardi
Kitty S. Barile and Lindy J. Barile
Scott Barker
Jo-Ann Barletta and Gaetano Barletta
Audrey E. Barnes and Dwight D. Barnes G 
Frances L. Barnes G and John Barnes, Jr. G
Sally W. Barney and Dwight E. Barney
Joan Barnum and Peter B. Barnum
David J. Barstow
Paula S. Barstow
Carolyn Sue L. Bartlett and Charles M. Bartlett
Joanne Bartolotta and Kevin Bartolotta
Anne Donovan and John R. Basilesco
Pamela Tubridy Baucom G and James K. Baucom G
Diane M. Bauer G and Andrew C. Bauer, Jr. G
Christine M. Bayr G and Klaus J. Bayr G
Cheryl Bayuk and Julian Bayuk
Kelly Beaudoin and Robert Beaudoin
Beth D. Beaulieu and Brian Beaulieu
Elizabeth J. Beaverstock G and Eric E. Beaverstock G
Theresa Bebon and David Bebon
Jean E. Belanger and Kevin P. Belanger
Heidi Belden
John M. Belko, Sr. G
Tina M. Bellerose
Laurie Bello and Lawrence V. Bello
Elizabeth Benoit and Anthony Benoit
Susan E. Benson and Grant G. Benson III
Susan J. Bergquist and Philip L. Bergquist
Cynthia Koehler and John Bernstein
Sharon K. Ikeda and Marc L. Bertrand
Arolyn B. Berube and Paul J. Berube
Pamela Bethel and Robert E. Bethel G
Laurie F. Biggers and Rolf K. Biggers
John K. Bird
Elsa R. Biron and James C. Biron
Elizabeth Bishop and Michael Bishop
Pamala A. Bisson and Thomas Bisson
Thomas C. Bivona, Sr.
Catherine Ronayne Black and Donald M. Black
Denise A. Black G and Robert D. Black G
Patricia M. Blackwell and Kevin S. Blackwell
Shirrin L. Blaisdell G and Stephen W. Blaisdell G
Sarah Hicks Blake and Charles E. Blake
Jane M. Blank and Walter Blank
Kathryn Bligh
Judith M. Blood and Charles F. Blood G
Stephanie J. Blumenthal and Mark A. Blumenthal
Leigh Bochicchio and Nicholas Bochicchio
Olafia Bogan and Joseph Bogan
Amy J. Bogart and Robert F. Bogart
M. Joanne Boland and John H. Boland, Jr.
Danielle D. Bolduc and Michael Bolduc
Cornelia Cronin Bolton and Nicholas J. Bolton
Mary Lynn Bono and Mark S. Bono
Virginia A. Bonoli and Paul Bonoli
Aya Borchers and Brad Borchers
A. Paul Boucher
Jamie Emanuel Boudreau and Gregory P. Boudreau
Diane L. Boulay and William G. Boulay
Mary E. Bourgault
Patricia J. Bourgeau and Arthur L. Bourgeau
Cathie Bourgeois and Brian Bourgeois
Michele M. Bowlan and Lawrence Bowlan
Priscilla A. Bowlen G and Kenneth C. Bowlen G
Kelli Boyle
Donna Bozek and Raymond Bozek
Lisa M. Bradanick and Richard A. Bradanick
Timothy P. Bragan
Irene Kirchgraber Bragdon and Edward A. Bragdon, Jr. G
Dale E. Braile and Robert S. Braile
Jane Spurway Brandt G and Ryan D. Brandt G
David W. Brasington
Andrea Braun and Thomas W. Braun
Susan B. Breda and Byron A. Breda
Jeanine Breedlove and Neil V. Breedlove
Karonne K. Brennman and Derald Brennman
Elizabeth J. Brett and Jeromy Brett
Patricia Briggs and John Briggs
Maria C. Mirto Brill
Julia K. Brinkman and Daniel J. Brinkman
Christopher Briscoe
Stephanie Brock and William Brock
Angela Brodie and Brian Brodie
Rita H. Bronson and Sean A. Bronson
Eleanor D. Brouillard and Richard P. Brouillard
Wanda J. Brouillette and Ronald E. Brouillette
Lisa M. Brown and Timothy J. Brown
Michael A. Callahan Brown G and Donald E. Brown G
Joan M. Brown and James A. Brown
Marie L. Brown and Nelson C. Brown
Karen Brown and Jeffry Brown
Susan A. Bruce G and Ronald H. Bruce G
Stephanie Brunelle and Robert Brunelle
Nancy Brunetti
Linda Petersen Bruning and Nathaniel F. Bruning
Julie Buchanan and Shepard C. Buchanan G
Adele M. Buchwald and Walter R. Buchwald
Nancy E. Buck and Leo D. Buck
Catherine Buckley
Teresa Budd and Timothy Budd
Mildred J. Bull and Keith D. Bull
Carol Bumbaca and Glen Bumbaca
Donna Bundy and David Bundy
Mary Burger G and John F. Burger G
Catherine L. Burke G and Timothy S. Burke G
Louise A. Burke and Brian Burke G
Barbara A. Burke G and William T. Burke G
Kathleen Burke and James Burke
Clare M. Burnett and Gregg G. Burnett
Patricia Thayer Burno and Frank I. Burno
Marjorie P. Burton and Craig T. Burton
Lonnie A. Buskey and Raymond A. Buskey G 
Cindy Marshall Butler and Kevin W. Butler G
Rhonda L. Buzbee and Larry O. Buzbee
Christine A. Buzzell and James D. Buzzell
Deborah L. Byrne G and Dennis M. Byrne G
Jane M. Byrne and Charles L. Byrne
Cynthia Cadoret and Joel L. Cadoret
Phyllis Caliendo and James V. Caliendo III
Theresa A. Callaghan and Francis R. Callaghan, Jr.
Kathleen F. Callinan and Paul E. Callinan
Lisa Campanale and Lawrence Campanale
Marilyn R. Campbell G
Brenda L. Conley and Paul A. Campbell
Arlene Campbell and John Campbell
Heidi J. Camper and Richard A. Camper
Kathryn F. Camuso and David M. Camuso
Janet Pruitt Cappers and Paul K. Cappers
Teresa H. Cardin and Kenneth J. Cardin
Debra E. Carl
Barbara J. Carleton and Wade M. Carleton
Cynthia L. Caron and Michel R. Caron
Angela M. Carr and Alan Carr
Joan Carratu and David A. Mitchell
Maureen C. Carty and Richard B. Carty
Gail-Cheri Carvalho and Jeffrey Hayes
MaryLynn Casa and James A. Casa
Clarice M. Casassa and H. Alfred Casassa
Patricia Horkan Casey G and Christopher A. Casey G
Nancy Casinelli and Michael Casinelli
Olympia G. Cassidy and John C. Cassidy
Elsa Castaneda and Frisly Castaneda
Susan M. Caughey and John Caughey
Margaret Cavanaugh and David Cavanaugh
Dorothy E. Cerniglia G and Carl D. Cerniglia G
Susan Charpentier Chabot G and Guy R. Chabot G
Lori A. Chadwick and Matthew T. Chadwick
Patrice G. Chaisson and Richard T. Chaisson
Lisa Eldredge Chaloner and James S. Chaloner G
Jeanne Taylor Chaloner G and Peter M. Chaloner G
Daniel Chandler
Evelyn Erickson Chapman and Donald H. Chapman G
Donald L. Chapman
Kim Rae Judd Chase G and Warren E. Chase G
Betty Browne Cheeseman and Herbert L. Cheeseman
Virginia M. Chevalier G and William J. Chevalier G
Mary Chin and George Chin
June E. Chisholm and Michael T. Chisholm
Laura S. Chisholm and Townley W. Chisholm
Kathleen P. Christo G and Stephen T. Christo G 
Bernard Christopher, Jr.
Mabel H. Churchill and Charles Niebling
Suzanne Chutchian-O'Sullivan
Jeanne C. Chwasciak G and John J. Chwasciak G
Theresa Ciambra and Charles Ciambra
Judith Clancy and John Clancy
Joanne Murphy and Peter C. Clark
Iris P. Clark and Donald W. Clark
Wendy Y. Clark and Garet B. Clark
Diane Clark and Stephen Clark
Linda J. Clark and Richard A. Clark, Jr.
Barbara A. Clarkson
Wendy L. Clattenburg
Virginia W. Clifford
Cynthia Haley Clifford and Donald E. Clifford G
Lorraine C. Cline and Don Cline
Barbara P. Cobb and Allan F. Cobb
Marcia S. Coe and John W. Coe † G
Mary Anne Coe and Robert Coe
Catherine Coffey and Joseph D. Coffey
Pamela J. Coffill
Janet E. Cohan and Thomas P. Cohan
Corey Coia and Joseph Coia
Lori L. Cole and Roderic O. Cole
Kathleen Colella and Vincent P. Colella
Gail Shawcross Colella and William A. Colella G
Susan H. Collins and Gary Collins
Rachel M. Collins G and Brian Collins G
L. Teal Colliton and Kevin Colliton
Joanne Colombo and James A. Colombo
Anna Marie B. Colton and Peter G. Colton G 
Andrea J. Comeau and Michael H. Comeau
Scott Compton, Sr.
Denise M. Comstock and Michael A. Comstock
Diane M. Condon and Gerald V. Condon
Maureen Cone and Jeffrey Cone
Joann M. Coneys and Thomas A. Coneys, Sr.
Laurie J. Conner and Jamie C. Conner
Pamela Connolly and Brian Connolly
Sandy K. Constable and B. Mark Constable
Carolann V. Constant G and Larry D. Constant G
Barbara G. Cook G
Barbara H. Cook and David S. Cook
Martha Cook and Richard Cook
Sandra L. Cooney and Tyrus R. Cooney
Caroline Hutchings Coons and Daniel Edgar Coons, Jr.
Mary Beth Cormier and David Cormier
Eileen R. Corrow
Barbara Chiavelli and Geoffery Coster
Maryann N. Kelly and Gerard Cote
Line Cote and Daniel Jean
Jeannette G. Couture and Marcel A. Couture G
Margaret Small Cowart and Stuart T. Cowart
Susan Hilton Cowmeadow and Richard R. Cowmeadow
Carolyn Crabtree and Robert Crabtree
Judith E. Creed and James M. Creed
Betsey M. Crespi G
Stephen L. Crews
Tracey D. Crogan
Deborah Drake Cross G and Richard U. Cross G
Donna L. Crowe and Richard Crowe
Elaine E. Crowley and Darryl J. Crowley
Julie Crowley and David Crowley
Susan Ann Cuddy
Diana M. Cullen and James J. Cullen
Sandra Cummings and Francis Cummings
Lawrence Cunningham
Joanne J. Cuomo and Joseph Cuomo
Judith Gates Curless and Richard W. Curless
Robin Parsons Curley and Theodore J. Curley, Jr.
Heidi Curran and Dana Curran
Mary Ellen Curtis and Steven Curtis
Michele B. Curtis and John P. Curtis, Jr.
Donna M. Cushing and George A. Cushing
Kerry W. Daigler and Douglas Daigler
Yvette M. Daley and Paul R. Daley
Patricia M. D'Allesandro G and Louis D'Allesandro, Jr. G
Julie A. Dalton and James S. Dalton
Mary J. D'Amato G and Cyrus J. D'Amato G
Tara D'Amato
Susan M. D'Ambrosio and Francis A. D'Ambrosio
Susan P. Dancewicz and Paul M. Dancewicz
Polly A. Daniels G
Rachel Clark Daniels and Ray F. Daniels, Jr.
Nicole Dannehl and William Dannehl
Kathleen R. Dario and Roy L. Dario
Deborah Dauphinais
Josie H. Davis G
Margaret J. Dwyer-Davis and Dana C. Davis
Jolie Davis and Mark Davis
Maria DeAngelis and W. Staebler
John J. Dearborn G
Marjorie Mans Decato and R. Peter Decato
Evelynn Decker
Dana D'Elia and Peter D'Elia
Patricia DeMasso-Anderson and Bryan Anderson
Helene Demmer and Daniel Demmer
James T. Demopoulos and Vasilike P. Demopoulos G
John Demos
Patricia A. Dempsey and Richard P. Dempsey
Susan C. Denneno and Steven F. Denneno
Maria DePalma and Cord DePalma
Sheila M. DePaulo and Thomas C. DePaulo
Paula A. DeQuattro and Thomas A. DeQuattro
Katherine D. Desantis
Debora J. Deschenes and Andre J. Deschenes
Michele Desmarais
Patrice DeSmith and Gary DeSmith
Donna M. Deso and Jeffrey S. Deso
Robin Godfrey Despins G and Richard P. Despins G
Ellen D. Devine and Thomas A. Devine
Calvin Deyermond
Elizabeth B. Dickey and David V. Dickey
Joanne T. Dickinson and Greg Dickinson
Saija DiGesu and Jon DiGesu
Roger W. Dignard
Ann E. Dillon and William N. Dillon
Lynn M. Dinisi and George C. Dinisi
Ronald R. Diodati G
Mary DiRienzo and John DiRienzo
Beth A. Dixon and William Dixon
Susan C. Dixon and William J. Dixon
Gretchen L. Dixson and Mark S. Dixson
Mary E. Dobbins and Richard J. Dobbins
Vicki R. Dodds and Glenn M. Dodds
Nancy C. Dodge and John W. Dodge
Brooke Doerler and Steven J. Doerler
Karin Doheny and David Doheny
Diana Doheny and Michael Doheny
Janet M. Doig and Bruce M. Doig
Sherri Dolan and James Dolan
Carol J. Doleac and Frederick T. Doleac G
Elsie Worls Domingo and Baldwin M. Domingo G
Sheleagh M. Donahue and Joseph I. Donahue
Donald E. Donahue
Maureen A. Donlan and William S. Donlan
Pamela J. Donnelly and Richard E. Donnelly
Susan Donnelly and Raymond E. Donnelly, Jr. G
John C. Donohoe, Jr.
Katherine Doonan and Sean Doonan
Mary-Ellen Dota and Nicholas Dota
Stephen R. Doucette
Cynthia L. Dow and Raymond J. Dow III
Ann L. Dow and Raymond J. Dow, Jr.
Cheryl Downing and Mark Downing
Mary C. Driscoll
Margaret Blanchard Dube G and Richard J. Dube G
Joanne Dudka and Daniel Dudka
Lynne Leon Duffill G and Raymond A. Duffill, Jr. G
Nancy Duggan and Paul Duggan
Eleanor R. Duhaime and Christopher P. Duhaime
Susan Dunn-Cheramie
Ann Dunne and Howard Kunin
Polly Duprez and Roland Duprez
Katharine M. Booth and Michael D. Dupuis
Martin G. Duttry
Mary K. Dzenis and David A. Dzenis
Pamela Eaves and Keith Eaves
Hillary J. Egan and Thomas M. Egan
Susan Ehrlich G and Owen R. Ehrlich G
Elizabeth B. Elliott and Jay H. Elliott
Carol M. Ellis and Jeffrey P. Ellis
Katherine A. Emanuel G and Fred S. Emanuel G
Jennifer Emerson and Alan Emerson
Howard Emmons
Amy B. Engholm and Eugene Engholm, Jr.
Jane Finkelstein and Steven Epstein
Susan M. Ernsting G and Paul Ernsting G
Debra Escobar and Gabriel Escobar
Peter S. Espiefs
Katherine B. Estes and Philip D. Estes
Krysia Estrada and Miguel Estrada
Nancy D. Evans G
Leita Hartnett Everson and John O. Everson
Lisa A. Everton and Erik S. Everton, Sr.
Evelyn H. Ewing G
Sharon Fagan and Daniel Fagan
Kathryn A. Fairchild-Francoeur G and Jeffrey F. Francoeur III G
Lauren Falcusan and John D. Falcusan, Jr.
Mary Jane Evans Falkenham G and Elwin R. Falkenham G
Julie Fall
Cynthia Favulli and Joseph Favulli, Jr.
Teresina Fazzolari and Franco Fazzolari
Laura K. Hawkins and Timothy A. Fedele
Randi Federman and Kenneth Federman
Sarah Feldman and Paul Feldman
Alvin D. Felgar G
Carolyn Chase Fellows G and Robert S. Fellows G
Corinne Fender
Susan D. Fenton and Randall C. Fenton
Thomas G. Ferguson
Lorraine Ferraro and Raymond Ferraro
Robin K. Fimlaid
Michael A. Finio
MaryAnn S. Finn and Timothy A. Finn
Carole Finn and Mark Finn
Suzanne C. Finniss
Karen Chick Firmin and Alvin C. Firmin
Mary Ellen Fischer and Charles W. Fischer
Brenda Fischer
Pamela S. Fischer and Charles J. Fischer, Jr.
Myra A. Fishbein and James S. Fishbein
Susan Witenberg Fisher and Hugh A. G. Fisher
Ann M. Fitzgerald and Henry J. Fitzgerald
Heidi L. Fitzgerald and John J. Fitzgerald
Ruth Flaherty and Michael Flaherty
Lynne M. Flammia and Anthony J. Flammia III
Ann M. Flanigan and Kevin C. Flanigan
Martha Flint and Alvin F. Flint, Jr.
Linda Fogarty and Edmund Fogarty
Anne H. Foley and Michael D. Foley
Barbara H. Smith and Richard C. Follender
Janice Forance and James Forance
Lori W. Ford G and Duane M. Ford G
Joan H. Ford and William B. Ford
Desiree T. Ford and Mark Ford
Ann Forde and Gerard Forde
Susan R. Forey and Rodney H. Forey
Louise A. Forrest-Bowes and Leo Bowes
Rebecca Forstrom and Donald Forstrom
Sally Foti
Robin Found and J. Stephen Found G
J. Irene L. Fournier and Victor E. Fournier G
John M. Fournier
Shelley A. Francella and Carmen F. Francella
Barbara J. Frangione G
Nancy Batchelder Franklin and Paul B. Franklin
Susan M. Fraprie and Frank J. Fraprie, Jr.
Manuela Fraser
James Fraser
Susan H. Fraser and John Fraser
Francis J. Frasier G
Heidi B. French and James H. French
Joan Robie Friel
Ellen C. Friel and Philip J. Friel III
Eva M. Fritz and James P. Fritz
Shelly Frost and James Frost
Cheryl Fry and Stanley Fry
Lisa K. Frye and Gordon A. Frye
Coleen M. Fuerst and James H. Dreher G
Kathleen Fuller and Scott Fuller
Mary E. Gaffey and J. Raymond Gaffey III
Norman R. Gagne
Marie Richard Gagnon and Wayne F. Gagnon
Normand E. Gagnon
Kathleen A. Gagnon and Eugene A. Gagnon
Helen E. Gallant G
Mary Jane K. Gallant and Steven R. Gallant
Doreen P. Gallant and Barry F. Gallant
Julia Gallo and Roberto Gallo
Brenda Gallo
Rosemary Gallogly and William Gallogly
Sharon Gard and Robert Gard
Frances Karpicius Gardent G and Paul B. Gardent G
Kimberly Gardiner and Scott J. Gardiner
Kathleen A. Gardner and Henry W. Gardner
Evelyn M. Gardner and William H. Gardner
Beth C. Gardner and Michael D. Aucoin
Rachel T. Rooney and Gary M. Gartland
Noma M. Gaston
Nina Karoutas Gatzoulis and Vassilios A. Gatzoulis
Marnie Gaudreault and Janick Gaudreault
Cheryl A. Gauthier and Daniel J. Gauthier
Laura Gazerwitz and Joseph Gazerwitz
Kathryn A. Geick and Gordon Geick
Deirdre George and Michael W. George
Sandra L. George and Gregory E. George
Jennifer Tankard Gernhard and Douglas R. Gernhard
Margaret M. Geromini and Ronald M. Geromini
Anne M. Getchell and Paul W. Getchell
Lindsay F. Gettinger and George B. Gettinger
Sharen Small Gibadlo G and Richard F. Gibadlo G
Eva Gibadlo and Donald E. Gibadlo
Catherine A. Gilbert
Karen D. Gilday and John P. Gilday
Susan Gillis
Margaret Gioia and Stephen J. Gioia
Priscilla Giordano and Robert R. Giordano
Letitia L. Gladding
Donna Kelleher and Ronald Glaude
Kelly Goddu and Brian Goddu
Lori A. Godin and David K. Godin
Sharon Blumberg Gold and Jonathan M. Gold
Ellen Gold and Samuel Gold
Jodi M. Goliber and Donald C. Goliber
Stacie A. Goodrich and Jerry D. Goodrich
Candace L. Goodwin and Richard B. Blauvelt, Jr. G
Helen F. Gordon
Susan W. Gordon and Arthur M. Gordon, Jr.
Susan E. Gorny and Mark F. Gorny
Dorcas Gorski and Steven Gorski
Janene Goudreault and David Goudreault
Rosario L. Gould G and James W. Gould G
Linda Radulski Gould G
Gilbert B. Gould
Patricia Goveia and Carl Goveia
Lorelle Govoni
Sandra S. Grady G and James E. Grady G
Barbara A. O'Brien-Graff and Ronald J. Graff
Lisa Ann Grande and Steven E. Grande
Ann Mazzaschi Grandmaison and Philip J. Grandmaison
Karen L. Gray and Kevin A. Gray
Kim M. Gray and William A. Gray
Joan P. Greenan and Paul J. Greenan
Margaret M. Greer and Gordon T. Greer
Marcia L. Greiner and Harold F. Greiner
Lori Groleau and Pierre Groleau
Jeanne C. Groth and Herman J. Groth
Donna Grotton and Erik J. Grotton
Susan Grover and John Grover
Diane M. Gryncewicz and Steven Gryncewicz
Diane L. Kessler and Francis R. Grzejka
Teresa M. Guadagno
Lisa D. Guerrero and Thomas J. Guerrero
Lisa Guertin and Russell Guertin
Leela Bhattacharya Guild and Jacob Guild
Faye L. Guilmette and James E. Guilmette
Robin Lange Guilmette G and Richard C. Guilmette G
Julie A. Guiney G
Betty Hall and Philip L. Hall
Jill M. Hall and Larry F. Hall
Carole G. Halpin and Howard M. Halpin
Maura Hammick and Paul Hammick
Sally A. Hampton and Arthur Hampton
Lucy N. Hancock and Arthur Hancock, Jr.
Daniel L. Harr
Jeanne S. Harriman G
Mary C. Harrington and Edward F. Harrington
Lisa M. Harrington and Brian R. Harrington
Robert B. Harris G
Rachel Harris and Clinton Harris
Kathryn A. Hartley and David Hartley
Elaine P. Hasevlat and Robert C. Hasevlat
Susan Haskell
Sheila I. Hatfield and Gary S. Hatfield
Erik G. Haupt
Judith Hawkins and Edward Hawkins
Karen Haycook and Richard Haycook
Sandra Hayes and Patrick O. Hayes
Alexandra S. Hayes and Robert C. Hayes
Susan Hayes
M. Pamela Hayes G and J. Kevin Hayes G
Deborah A. Hayes
Martha Hayward and James Hayward
Diane C. Healy and John A. Healy III
Harley W. Heath
Celia Heavisides and John A. Heavisides
Christine M. Hegarty
Katharine P. Heidt and Richard C. Heidt
Ann P. Heilakka and Leslie E. Heilakka
Judith M. Heinke and Allan R. Heinke
Marion T. Hellquist G and C. Barre Hellquist G
Helen F. Hemeon and Robert L. Hemeon
Mona Hemeon and Robert Hemeon
Maureen Henderson and Steven Henderson
Bonnie A. Henricksen and Clifford A. Henricksen
Lynn M. Henrion and John J. Henrion III
Cindy A. Hensel and James P. Hensel
Gail Little Hepworth G and Carl O. Hepworth G
Betty Greene Herrin
Martha Jo Rogers Hewitt G and Douglas Hewitt G
Linda M. Heyner and Robert F. Heyner
Susan Hilbrich and John Hilbrich
Katherine G. Hillier
John Hindle
Lucie Hlas and Vladimir Hlas
Betty Hoadley G and Chester A. Hoadley III
Julia E. Hoar and Philip S. Hoar
Deborah E. Hodgdon G and Scott Hodgdon G
Ann M. Hoey and Stephen D. Elgert
Doris D. Hoffman G and Meyer Hoffman G
Susan E. Hoffman and Stephen P. Hoffman
Jean M. Hoffman and Mark W. Hoffman
Diane Hogan and Timothy M. Hogan
Virginia Hole and Michael Roscoe
Catherine L. Holler and Michael S. Holler
Joan B. Holleran and Gerald J. Holleran
Amy Holloway-Gallagher and John Gallagher
Mary A. Holmes G and Richard L. Holmes G
Ralph F. Holmes
Beth Ellen Hopkins and Bryan F. Hopkins
Marilyn D. Horn and Donald G. Horn
Ellen Hume-Howard and Christopher J. Howard
Tiffany Howarth and Thomas Howarth
Anne L. Howe and Richard E. Howe
Judy Howell
Laura A. Hudson and Robert C. Hudson
Catherine O. Hunt and Sean E. Hunt
Beverly Huntington and Dana Huntington
Jennifer D. Hurley and Matthew P. Hurley
Francis J. Hyatt
Carol Cosgrove Iacopino and Michael J. Iacopino
Janet A. Ierardi and Michael D. Ierardi
Ralph S. Inouye
Karen Iosue and Douglas Iosue
Carol R. Iske and Brian J. Iske
Rhonda Jackman and James Jackman
Grace Gilson Jackson and Wayne O. Jackson
Daphne Lathrop Jackson and Dean E. Jackson
Diane L. Jacobsen and Alfred Y. Jacobsen
Jean Phelan Janetos and Rollins L. Janetos
Valerie A. Gamache and Anthony C. Janetos
Eleanor C. Janetos G and Andrew E. Janetos G
Lisa R. Jardine and Thomas M. Jardine
Laurie Lyons Jasper and Shawn N. Jasper
Katherine C. Jaus G and Craig Jaus G
Christine Javenes and Peter Javenes
Jo Lynn Jeannot and Michael E. Jeannot
Harlean J. Jeannotte and James J. Jeannotte
Deborah O. Jeffries G and James W. Jeffries G
Gretchen Jennings and Michael Jennings
Susan M. Jensen and Mark R. Jensen
Pamela T. Jerdee and Theodore John Jerdee
Debra Jesi and John Jesi
Marilyn G. Jewett
Carolyn Gordon Johansen and Martin F. Johansen
Maria P. Johnson and Richard P. Johnson
Homer Johnson
Roxanne Lake Johnson G and David G. Johnson G 
Harry E. Johnson III
Polly E. Johnson G and Foster M. Johnson, Jr. G
Margery L. Johnston G and William J. Johnston, Jr. G
Martine Joncas and Brian Joncas
Sharon M. Jones and John A. Jones
Deborah A. Jones and Kevin M. Jones
Catherine Joyce and Michael Joyce
Robert A. Jutras
Suzanne M. Kachuck and Eugene A. Kachuck
Lorie Kalosky and Daniel T. Kalosky
Geraldine M. Kaminski G and Gerald F. Kaminski G
Carol Karajgi and Bharat Karajgi
Audrey Karamourtopoulos and Peter J. Karamourtopoulos
Robin J. Karp and Steven P. Karp
Cynthia Katzeff and Michael L. Katzeff
Barbara H. Katzenstein and Benjamin B. Katzenstein
Martha L. Kaubris and Stanley J. Kaubris
Holly H. Kazan and Gregory P. Kazan
Robin Kealey and John Kealey
Sally L. Keding G and Roger C. Keding G
Kathryn A. Keefe-Hancock and Lee Hancock
Elaine Keenan and John Keenan
Paul Keenan III
Anna Keith and Robert Keith
Eileen V. Kelley and Peter D. Kelley
Amy E. Kelley and Michael J. Kelley
Suzanne H. Kelley and Steven M. Kelley G
Karen Kerkhoff Kelly and W. Robert Kelly
Eileen A. Kennedy and Geoffrey J. Kennedy
Elisabeth Kennedy
Shannon M. Kenyon
Rebecca Kerchner and Kevin Kerchner
Georgia M. Kerns and Joseph F. Kerns
Marea J. Kerrigan G and Robert P. Kerrigan G
Catherine M. Devine and Timothy G. Kerrigan
Alice M. Kerwick
Susan Kidd and William E. Kidd
Kathleen M. Kidder and Roger W. Kidder
Polly H. Kidder and Henry W. Kidder III G
Mary W. Kietzman and William D. Kietzman
Edward J. Kiley
Rondi L. Kilham G and William B. Kilham G
Joan Harwood Kimball and Glenn P. Kimball
Lorna D. Kimball
Nancy Kincaid and Mitchell Kincaid
Fay S. King and Charles D. King
Pamela A. King and Anthony J. King
Robin Kinney and Michael Kinney
Brendan F. Kinsella
Constance L. Kinsman and David S. Kinsman
Dawn Kiritsy and Stephen Kiritsy
Judith E. Klein and Michael A. Klein
Cynthia Kline and Mark Kline
Lynn Klokman and John Klokman
Glen Klui
Holly M. Knight and John W. Knight
Lee Broderick Knight and Richard A. Knight
Linda H. Knight and Ronald F. Knight
A. Joy Goddard Knightly and Roger H. Knightly
Mary C. Hess-Knodel and Richard P. Knodel
Beth H. Weston-Knotts and Timothy A. Knotts
Karen W. Koestner and Keith A. Koestner
Andrea Kokolis
Chelen R. Kost and Brian J. Kost
Joy L. Kouloheras and Harry D. Kouloheras
Debbie Kovary G and Damien Kovary G
Kathleen M. Krieger and Charles Krieger
Kimberly Kropf and Joseph Kropf
Janet Davis Krupp and Gary Krupp
Victoria Kullas G and Kristopher D. Kullas G
Susan A. Kulungian and John D. Kulungian
Jacquelyn Kurz and David L. Kurz
B. Jeanne Barr Kuzirian G and Alan M. Kuzirian G
Susan Labins
Paula Lamarre Labnon and Scott R. Labnon
Lucille Toussaint Labnon G
Sidney W. LaBonte G and Gordon J. LaBonte G
Cheryl A. Labrecque and Greg Labrecque
Barbara G. Lacey and Walter H. Lacey II
Leah L. Lachance and Victor R. Lachance
Linda Harderly Lacroix and Denis E. Lacroix G
Janet D. Lageson G and Robb M. Lageson G
Robin Lake and Robert A. Lake
Shirley Robart Lakin
Susan L. Lamarche and Kenneth J. Lamarche
Cheryl A. Lambert and William R. Lambert
Rosemary E. Lamers and Andrew Lamers
Estelle Belanger Landry G and Raymond R. Landry
Diane Johnson Lane and Andrew J. Lane
Carolyn M. Lane and Alfred B. Lane
Jill F. Lane and David R. Lane
Carol Lange and Roger Lange, Jr.
Cheryl Lapointe and Michael Lapointe
Anne Laporta and Stephen Laporta
Cheryl Lappin and I. Frederick Lappin
Tamara A. Larson and Eric R. Larson
Kathleen A. Lauer-Rago and Stephen Rago
Valerie A. Lauzon and James M. Lauzon
Kathleen A. Lavallee and David M. Lavallee
Carolyn A. Lavin and William M. Lavin
Mona Lavoie and Jacques Lavoie
Pamela L. Lawler and Donald J.K. Lawler III
Nancy Lazar and Peter Lazar
Julie C. Leaf and Clifford N. Leaf
Pamela J. Leahy and Thomas D. Leahy
Jean Davis Lear G and Robert C. Lear G
Loire W. Leavitt G and Robert R. Leavitt G
Mary E. Leavitt and Richard K. Leavitt
Christine R. LeBlanc
Susan Kelley Leclerc and Ronald M. Leclerc
Tammy Leclerc and John Leclerc
Julie-Anne R. Lecompte
Mary Ledwith and Kevin T. Ledwith
Karen Lee and James Lee
Kenwyn M. Lee and Douglas D. Lee
Anthony J. Leeds
Joyce S. Leifer and James C. Schenck
Alexandra Lekkas and James Lekkas
Elizabeth A. Lemieux and Michael M. Lemieux
Monica Leone
Christiane Lamer and Mario Lepine
Denise Lerch and Keith Lerch
Theresa E. Lerner and Andrew R. Lerner
Katheleen Lertora and John Lertora
Mary L. Letourneau and Gregory R. Letourneau
Patricia S. Levandowski and William J. Levandowski, Sr. G
Kathleen M. Leven and Mark H. Leven
Susan Levenbaum and Ronald Levenbaum
Sandra Roscoe Lewis and Howard C. Lewis G
Martha A. Liamos and Stephen C. Liamos
Patricia C. Libbey
Cindy A. Lincoln and David G. Lincoln
Katarzyna M. Lindeberg and Steven G. Lindeberg
Victoria Linden and Richard A. Linden
Lena Lindgren and Ulf Lindgren
Linda Lindgren and Robert Lindgren
Nancy Liston and Francis Liston
LIsa A. Liston and Raymond M. Liston
Bin Liu
Charlene Livingston-Flint and Birlyn D. Flint, Jr.
Mary E. Lizie and Arthur E. Lizie, Sr.
Heather F. Lizotte and Jay C. Lizotte
Barbara R. Lizotte and David Lizotte
Micheline A. Lizotte G and Richard U. Lizotte G
Kathleen D. Lobb and Norman H. Lobb III
James D. Loeser
Nadine M. Lombard and Leon E. Lombard, Jr.
Lori A. Lombard
Ellen Lombardi and Christopher M. Lombardi
Lauralee M. LoMonaco and Riccardo F. LoMonaco
Christine Lompado and Arthur Lompado
Anne M. Long G
Deborah M. Long and George E. Long, Jr.
Michele S. Loos G and Steven W. Loos G
Brenda M. Lopardo and Stephen T. Lopardo
Karen Sheehan Lord and Robert K. Lord G
Claudette L. Lorden and Sean P. Lorden
Elizabeth F. Lott G and Jack R. Lott G
Halina Loukakes and James Loukakes
Tracy N. LoVerde and Charles V. LoVerde III
Maria Lowe and Cedric Lowe
Sarah J. W. Loy and J. Brent Loy
Marcia Luciano and Gordon Luciano
Lisa Ludwig
Henrietta Luneau and David Luneau
Ramona Lunt
Darice Lush
Deborah T. Lynch and Kevin J. Lynch
Catherine L. Lynch and James F. Lynch
Amy C. Lynch and Richard T. Lynch
Doreen Lynch and Thomas R. Lynch
Patricia C. MacDonald and David S. MacDonald
Karen L. MacDougall and Jeffrey S. MacDougall
Phyllis A. Macek and Victor S. Macek G
Lura Bixby Machell and William G. Machell G
John D. MacKay
Weslie Ingalls MacKenzie and Malcolm W. MacKenzie
Ottilie MacKinnon and Ewen I. S. MacKinnon II
Debra Magier and Eugene Magier
Anne G. Magnavita and Jeffrey J. Magnavita
Mary M. Magnus G and Robert B. Magnus, Jr. G
Ann Maguire and Robert G. Maguire
Christine A. Mahoney and William J. Mahoney
Brenda E. Major and Norman L. Major
Charlene L. Mallette and Ronald W. Mallette
Joan M. Mallory and Leigh P. Mallory
Catherine L. Mangieri and Paul V. Mangieri
Susan Mann and Daryl Mann
Monique B. Manna and Michael L. Manna
Meredith Manos
Susan Marceau and William Marceau
Cheryl Marcus and Jonathan Marcus
Pamela Mariano and Albert Mariano
Nicole Marien and Leo Marien, Jr.
Gloria Marois and Normand R. Marois G
Mary S. Marquis
Carolyn P. Marshall and Gordon L. Marshall
Lisa D. Marshall and James S. Marshall
Karen Martell and Gerard N. Martell
Denice M. Martenet and Steven J. Martenet
Barbara A. Martin and Craig J. Martin
Lauri E. Martin and James P. Martin
Marion R. Martinez and John M. Albert
Lori Martin and Eugene R. Martin, Jr.
Ann M. S. Massey and Richard V. Massey, Jr.
Anitha Mathiyazhagan and Nithyanandam Mathiyazhagan
Theresa Matthews and Richard L. Matthews
Janet Matthies and Eric Matthies
Phyllis Maus and Thomas Maus
C. Sue Mautz and William W. Mautz
Patricia L. Maxfield G and Robert G. Maxfield, Jr. G
Karen May and Russell May
Kathy J. Mayo and David T. Mayo
Darla Parisi Mazola
Bonnie Merrill McCann and Richard A. McCann
Rosanne S. McCann G and Kevin R. McCann G
Maureen Halloran McCarthy and William M. McCarthy
Rose A. McCarthy and Kevin C. McCarthy
Marilyn A. McCarthy and Dennis T. McCarthy
Luisa M. McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy
Elizabeth A. McConnell and Russell P. Heard
Madonna T. McConville and Peter C. McConville
Darla J. McCrary
Martha S. McCullagh and Charles B. McCullagh
Nancy McDevitt and Charles McDevitt
Eva McDonough and Brian McDonough
Kelly Armstrong McDonough and Robert E. McDonough, Jr.
Margaret D. McEachern and David E. Hickey
Jean McFarland and Robert McFarland
Eileen P. McFarlane
Susan L. McGarry and Norman T. McGuigan
Joseph W. McGill
Susan McGillicuddy and John McGillicuddy
Karen McGonis
Judith M. McGraime and Kenneth V. McGraime
Cheryl Miner McGregor and David G. McGregor
Linda Haines McGuffin and Scott D. McGuffin
Gina E. McGuire and Sean McGuire
Mary K. McHoul
Catharine Parry-McHugh and James A. McHugh
Janice B. McKenzie and David L. McKenzie
Grace A. McLaughlin and Steven K. McLaughlin
Catherine A. McLeod
Rosemary McNamara and Thomas W. McNamara
Catherine W. McNeal and Jack J. McNeal
Kim McNeely and Michael McNeely
Denise Y. McVicar G and Daniel P. McVicar G
Sue Ann McWade and James McWade
Dana Means
Bonnie S. Meeker G and Loren D. Meeker G
Marguerite Mello and Glenn G. Mello
Catherine J. Meloche and Christopher J. Meloche
Laurie A. Menczywor and Robert Menczywor
Valerie Merchant and David Merchant
Claire F. Merenda and Michael J. Merenda
Mary E. Merrick and Thomas B. Merrick
Kelly A. Merrifield and David Merrifield
Lawrence D. Merrill
Elaine Merritt
Judith L. Messer and Perry J. Messer
Barbara W. Meurer and Glenn W. Meurer
Leslie D. Meyers and Michael J. Meyers
Elizabeth A. Meyers and Jon J. Hangeland
Michele Michaud and Vincent Michaud
Jack B. Middleton G
Diane M. Milewski and Brian J. Milewski
Elizabeth Milicia and Joseph Milicia
Sharon T. Miller and Brian D. Miller
Frances A. Miller and Joseph R. Miller
Wilbur H. Miller G
Laurie W. Miller and Martin M. Miller
Cathy L. Miller and Steven K. Miller
Elaine G. Miller and Michael H. Miller
Susan C. Miller and Russell H. Miller II
Deborah A. Mills and Wayne D. Mills
Elzabeth K. Miner G and Ranlet Miner, Jr. G
Catherine D. Miner and David M. Miner
Patrycia T. Mitchell and Clyde Mitchell
Dolores Mitchell and Michael Mitchell
Laurie Monsell and Thomas Monsell
Janet T. Moodie
Marie G. Moody
George R. Moore and Barbara Murphy Moore † G
Norma Jean Moore G and T. Holmes Moore † G
Sally Secor Moore G
Martha Moore and Todd S. Moore
Doreen M. Moore G and Robert S. Moore G
Paul R. Moore, Jr. † G
Lori Moreau and Kenneth Moreau
Winifred G. Morenz and Edward A. Morenz
Susan Moretti and Michael Moretti
Carolyn Morin and Peter Morin
Darlene Moroni and John M. Moroni
Daniel A. Morreo
Karen W. Morris and Karl A. Morris
Harriet Kantor Morrison and Channing D. Morrison
Maxine Katz Morse G
Janel M. Mortenson and Jeff W. Mortenson
Lee H. Mosbaugh and John D. Mosbaugh
Jeanne M. Moser and James S. Moser
Tamara C. Moses G and Stephen C. Moses G
Karen Kelliher Moyer and Herbert S. Moyer
Brenda L. Moyer G and Seth A. Moyer G
Christine Moynihan and Robert D. Moynihan
Denise Mozitis and Martin Mozitis, Sr.
Brenda Holt Mullaney G and Michael P. Mullaney G
Ann C. Mullen and Robert M. Mullen
Patricia Jones Mullin and Peter W. Mullin
Lorraine Mullins and Richard Mullins
Kathleen A. Munafo and Domenic R. Munafo
Susan J. Murnane G and James F. Murnane G
Rebecca G. Murphy and J. Richard Murphy
Robin Murphy and Joseph Murphy
Patricia A. Murphy and Steven J. Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Dorothy L. Murphy and Richard P. Murphy
Joyce E. Murray and Edward N. Murray
Anita L. Mushell
Nancy E. Mushnick and Samuel Mushnick
Theresa Musumeci
Maryjane Myszka and Kenneth F. Myszka
Kim M. Nabulsi and Basam E. Nabulsi
Christine Nakos and Loukas N. Nakos
Harriet Nardone
Lee A. Silvestre and David E. Nassaney
Karen Nawfel and Michael Nawfel
Kathleen C. Nazzaro and Martin J. Nazzaro
Michele F. Near and James H. Huston
Susan P. Nedelman and Gary Nedelman
Leslie H. Nelken and Edward M. Nelken
Merrilyn S. Nelligan and David J. Nelligan G
Carolyn Nelson and Jeffrey R. Nelson
Perry D. Nelson
Jane A. Nemmers and Daniel J. Nemmers
Theresa D. Neves
Pamela K. Nichols and Robert S. Nichols
Karen J. Nickerson and James M. Nickerson
Karen Noble
Eileen O. Norrington and Giles R. Norrington
Ellen L. Norton G and Robert C. Norton G
Lisa A. Nye and Joel M. Nye
Ruth W. Oberg
Deborah T. O'Brien G and John A. O'Brien G
Ellen M. O'Brien and Stephen E. O'Brien
Kathleen O'Brien and Andrew O'Brien
Andrea D. Obston and Ronald L. Obston
Benita L. O'Connell and Brian L. O'Connell
Carol O'Connor and John O'Connor
Melissa S. Odgen and James E. Odgen
Marjorie C. O'Donnell and Andrew B. O'Donnell
Deborah A. O'Donnell and Jeffrey W. O'Donnell
Judy F. Offutt and Ron W. Offutt
Janice A. O'Hare and Robert E. O'Hare
Catharine B. Okhuysen and Peter M. Okhuysen
Kolleen Oldenburg
Traci E. Olmstead and Ronald A. Olmsted
Christianah O. Olorunfemi and Olusegun Olorunfemi
Chantal B. Olson and George E. Olson
Carol Ann Olson and Richard Olson
Melanie O'Malley and John J. O'Malley, Jr.
Kim Ommundsen and Mark Ommundsen
Stacia Belyea O'Neil and Owen T. O'Neil
Amy W. O'Neil and Michael J. O'Neil
Kimberly Orner
Roxanne L. Orphanos and Charles J. Orphanos
Teri Ortiz
Marcia B. Oster G and Clifford E. Oster G
Lorraine M. Ouellette and Ronnie G. Ouellette
Deborah C. Overton
Lori Owens and David Owens
Lori Pacheco and Mark Pacheco
Robin J. Paey G and David G. Paey, Jr. G
Sally Orcutt Page
Marian C. Palmer and Alfred Palmer
Lisa R. Pampreen and Frank Pampreen
Laurie A. Pandorf and Dennis Pandorf
Palwinder Kaur-Panesar and Ravinder S. Panesar
Olga Spanos Pappas and Stephen G. Pappas G
Cheryl R. Paradiso and Michael J. Paradiso
Marie A. Parker and Benjamin E. Parker
Leona M. Parker and Samuel L. Parker
Lynn Parkhurst and Daniel B. Parkhurst
Bradford D. Parkhurst G
Judith Hill Parks and Patrick K. Parks
Kathleen A. Pastore and Albert J. Pastore
Barbara H. Patch and David E. Patch
Dorothy L. Pearl and Robert S. Pearl
Joyce A. Pearsall and Edward Pearsall
Theresa Pearson
Wendi Pedersen
Tracy J. Pekarski and David J. Pekarski
Barbara J. Pellegrino and John I. Pellegrino
Mary Pender
Elizabeth I. Pendergast and Michael E. Pendergast
Patricia Penkala and Kenneth Penkala
F. Jeanette G. Penney G and Francis W. Penney G
Tracy L. Pepin and Thomas A. Pepin
Kerry Perfetuo and Charles Perfetuo
Karen P. Perkins and Ronald I. Perkins
Ann G. Perkins G and Lee S. Perkins G
Carol S. Perkins and John C. Perkins
Jane F. Perkoski and Joseph A. Perkoski, Jr.
Natalie Perrault and Dennis Perrault
C. Ellen Yeaton Perry and Charles H. Perry
Allyn M. Perry and Clark W. Perry
Laurie Perry
Alyssa Pesce and Brian Pesce
Beverly J. Peterson G and Paul W. Peterson G
Bo Petersson
Linda L. Petrocine and Thomas M. Petrocine
Gail Pettenati and Brian Pettenati
Corinne Pezzelli and Peter Pezzelli
Linda Phyles and Raymond H. Phyles
Kirsten Piacentini and Charles Piacentini
Salvatore Piccolo
Maria Pigeon and Morris Pigeon
Cathy M. Pinciaro and Robert C. Pinciaro
Donna J. Pinzone and John J. Pinzone, Jr.
Shirley Babine Pitman G and Mark D. Pitman G
Carla Pizzano
Estelle L. Playdon and Richard T. Playdon
Mary Finnican and Richard Podolin
Sandra Poirier and Mark Poirier
John L. Pokoski
April S. Polechronis and Nicholas Polechronis
Elaine L. Pope and Dennis J. Pope G
Theo D. Pope and Frederick T. Pope, Jr. G
Carla C. Pope and G. Douglas Pope
Marie C. Popielarczyk and David J. Popielarczyk
Donna J. Popovici and George R. Popovici
Barbara C. Poretz G and Barry R. Poretz G
Kathy S. Porter G and Robert U. Porter G
Diane M. Post and Robert H. Post
Jane Seymour Potter G
Paula Potter and Stephen Potter
Kathleen T. Poulis and Aristedes J. Poulis
Carole J. Power and Richard T. Power
Jacqueline Powers and Richard Powers
Sally B. Pratt and Leighton C. Pratt
Lonice M. Thomas and Stephen F. Pratt
Christine Prettitore and Frank J. Prettitore
Donna M. Previte and Domenic A. Previte III
Elizabeth L. Price and Daniel A. Price G
Robin O. Pritchett and Charles O. Pritchett
Judith A. Pritikin and Elliott Pritikin
Heather L. Proulx
Tammy J. Provencal and Scott F. Provencal
Beth E. Provost and Thomas G. Provost
Peter Prudden, Jr.
Diane Puccia and Mark Puccia
Janet Robshaw Puchlopek and Robert A. Puchlopek
Donna G. Purdie and G. William Purdie G
Linda Nickerson Putnam and Roger A. Putnam G
Barbara Quast and Greg Quast
Sandra S. Quentin and Robert C. Quentin
Celeste Quimby and Bruce Quimby
Susan Quimby and Steven Bourey
John B. Quinci
Judith Quinn and Thomas Quinn
Cathy Quinn
Annemarie Quinn and Thomas R. Quinn
Jennifer R. Quirk and Paul Quirk
Deborah A. Racca and Douglas Racca
Amber Ragnarsson and Anders Ragnarsson
Ann M. Rainsford and Shawn P. Rainsford
Judith Davis Randall and Peter E. Randall
Jennifer T. Rapp and Stuart W. Rapp
Thomas E. Raviele, Sr.
Bonnie Ravo and James Ravo
Nancy A. Ray
Lisa Raymond and John Raymond
Amy Amsterdam Rayner and Jeffrey Rayner
Joan K. Rayno
Diane Reardon and Michael Reardon
Karen J. Redfearn and David A. Redfearn
Jocelyn Redlick and Daryle Redlick
Julie L. Redlon and Stephen Redlon
Susan B. Reetz and Allan M. Reetz
Yayoi Hiraoka Reeves and Gene A. Reeves
Sandra I. Regan G and Donald E. Regan G
Suzanne K. Regan and Sean Regan
Peggy Ann Reid G and William B. Reid G
Matilde L. Relvas
Linda Briggs Renault and Michael M. Renault
Victoria A. Renker and David A. Renker
Charles H. Renner
Emily Pickett Rennie G and Douglas H. Rennie G
Wendy Renz and F. Todd Renz
Lisa Rezaee and Yadollah Rezaee
Yvette Rheault and Gerald O. Rheault
Sandra Galway Rice and C. Hamilton Rice G
Katherine Richard and Vincent Richard
Jane P. Richards
Elizabeth Lake Richardson and Donald V. Richardson G
Kelli J. Richardson and William F. Dowd
Cathleen J. Rickarby and Ryan O. Rickarby
Janet L. Rick and James T. Rick, Jr.
Donna M. Riga and Robert G. Riga
Elizabeth J. Riggs and Douglas B. Riggs
Joanne Ritz
Tracy F. Ritzo and Joseph A. Ritzo
Lynn Roach and Richard M. Roach
Barbara J. Robbins and Michael D. Robbins
Pamela M. Roberts and Douglas E. Roberts
Charles A. Robichaud G
Muriel S. Robinette G and Michael J. Robinette G
Kimberly Hanson Robinson and Bradford C. Robinson
Barbara Wiegand Robinson
Susan Robinson and Francis X. Robinson
Mary Robison and Leslie L. Robison
Amy L. Rocci
Thomas J. Roccio G
Cheryl D. Rocco and Anthony Rocco
Stephanie G. Rochefort and Marc A. Rochefort
Linda L. Rockenmacher G and Sol Rockenmacher G
Ann B. Rodgers and Ronald F. Rodgers
Elizabeth Rodrigue and Marc Rodrigue
Suzanne B. Roemer
Michelle Rogan and Richard Rogan
H. Lee Rohde III
Stephanie Romaldini and Mario Romaldini
Nancy Roman and Robert Roman
Anna Romano and Carlo Romano
Steven A. Romano
Dixie J. Root G and Stephen E. Root G
Sheila Rose and Steven A. Rose
Mary S. Rosenthall and Louis E. Rosenthall
Marsha B. Rossi and Richard J. Rossi
Luigi Rotella
Susan C. Roth and Michael Roth
Dorothy Rotondo and David A. Rotondo
Martha T. Roundy and Edward K. Roundy G
Marci F. Rowling and Howard J. Rowling
Melissa Moher Roy G and David R. Roy G
Mary Rozinowicz and Jon Rozinowicz
Julie J. Ruane and Thomas M. Ruane
Carol Ruesswick
Karen M. Ruggieri and Anthony J. Ruggieri
Lisa M. Ruggiero and Alfred F. Ruggiero
Emilia Ruiz and Henry A. Ruiz
Darlene G. Russell and John T. Russell G
Anne S. Russell G
Susan R. Ryan and Craig E. Ryan
Sallye B. Ryder and William S. Ryder III
Michael Ryder
Michelle Ryzewic and Lee Ryzewic
Debra H. Sabalewski G and David M. Sabalewski G
Janet C. Sanborn
Carol R. Sanborn G and J. Gregg Sanborn G
Judy Sands and Stephen H. Sands
Martha Blaney Sanford G and Winthrop D. Sanford G
Geraldine R. Sannella and John P. Sannella
Angela R. Sanscrainte and Robert Sanscrainte
Maisa Santos and Robson L. Santos
Patricia M. Sarro and Francis Sarro
Pamela L. Saunders and Kevin P. Saunders
Mary G. Sawyer G and Richard D. Sawyer G
Caroline Smith Sawyer G and Leonard S. Sawyer G
Rosella Sawyer and Sheldon S. Sawyer
David Sawyer
Theresa R. Sbrilli and Paul Sbrilli
Kerry Richard Scala and John F. Scala, Jr.
Mary Scalera and Kenneth Scalera
Linda M. Scanlon and Thomas F. Scanlon
Mark Scapicchio
Jean P. Scarpa and Frank Scarpa
Anne Schafer
Jackie M. Schanlaber and William Schanlaber
Robin P. Schell G and Todd S. Schell G
Pamela A. Schelling and Jack E. Schelling
Kathleen Schena and Michael Schena
Mary Schissel and Lawrence A. Schissel
Marcia Schmidt-Blaine and Quentin J. Blaine
Jayne Schmitz
Stephen M. Schmitz
Marcy A. Schmuck and Peter M. Schmuck
Myra B. Schnepp and Robert F. Schnepp
Karen Schnur G and Fred A. Schnur G
Kathleen Schostack and Howard Schostack
Barbara Brown Schultz G and Robert E. Schultz G
Paula L. Schumaker and John L. Schumaker
Ute Schurrath G and Manfred Schurrath G
Ellen Brown-Schwanke and Todd Schwanke
Mary Schweitzer and Martin Schweitzer
Laurie A. Scialabba and Stephen T. Scialabba
Suzanne Plouff Scippa and John V. Scippa
Deborah J. Scott and Jonathan Scott
Dorothy Donahue Sears G and Norman E. Sears, Jr. G
Caroline G. Seid and Jay D. Seid
Julie M. Seiger and William L. Seiger
Judy Sembler and Robert Sembler
Rhonda A. Semo
Jacalyn Shumway Sexton and John F. Sexton
Kathleen M. Shafer and Thayer C. Shafer
Molly Shanklin
Rhonda K. Sharpe
David Sharrow
Kendra L. Shea and Michael J. Shea
Elizabeth M. Shea
Elizabeth Belletete Shea and Edward J. Shea
Deborah Partiss Shea and Richard H. Shea
Constance J. Shea and George J. Shea
Lynn M. Shea and Michael F. Shea
Dorothy T. Sheehan
Judith Shenk
Lucy G. Shepard and Dwight B. Shepard
Kimberly A. Shepard and Steven A. Shepard
John Sherburne
Andrea V. Sheredy
Sherry E. Shinn G and Dennis B. Shinn G
Margaret Fonskov Shorey G and Nicholas H. Shorey G
Vivian K. Shortell and Thomas F. Shortell
Miriam B. Shumway and Donald L. Shumway
Jean S. Sickels G
Jenna Sievers and Timothy Sievers
Sharon A. Silverman and Alan L. Silverman
Carrie A. Simoulis and Timothy E. Simoulis
Cynthia A. Simpson and James C. Simpson
Nancy Singleton and John Singleton
Norine E. Sipe G
Penelope D. Sirois and Lawrence Sirois
Karen M. Sislo and Brian D. Sislo
Theresa A. Siver and Frank A. Siver
Stephanie Skedros and James C. Skedros
Mette Sundorph Skillings G and James W. Skillings G
Debra Skoniecki and Joseph Skoniecki
Wendy C. Slate and Edwin C. Slate
Marjorie L. Wolfson G and Neil R. Slepian G
Stephanie Sluder and Kevin L. Sluder
Karen A. Smalley and Robert S. Smalley
Susan Croft Smith and Wendell T. Smith III G
Lois Ketterson Smith G and M. Daniel Smith G
Kathleen A. Smith and Peter R. Smith
Kimberly A. Smith and Glen R. Yergeau
Joy Smith and Francis Smith
Joanne Smith
Brenda Smith-Weiss and Donald A. Smith-Weiss
Ann Murdoch Snelling G and Michael A. Snelling G
Jane K. Sobolov and Howard Sobolov
Alison K. Solomonides and John T. Solomonides
Jayne Somes-Schloesser and Lynn Schloesser
Susan M. Sorenson
Joan F. Soucey and Arthur Soucey
Linda F. Southworth and J. Russell Southworth
Barbara Speelman and Brian Speelman
Denise L. Spellman and Daniel K. Spellman
Laura D. Spencer and David Spencer
Courtney Spencer and Eugene Wendland
Nancy Walsh Splaine and Arthur A. Splaine
Donna W. Sprague and David P. Sprague
Kim B. Springer and James Springer
Ann Frey Spurr G and Edward W. Spurr G
Donald R. Stacey and Marian Stacey
Shannon D. Stacey and Stuart Stacey
Colleen Stadalnik and Peter P. Stadalnik
Colleen Stadalnik and Peter P. Stadalnik
Jean Brennan Stafford G and William R. Stafford G
Suzanne Stahl and Keith Stahl
Kathleen Standish and James Standish
Patti M. Stankus and Michael A. Stankus
John C. D. Stark
Mary J. Stauffer and Robert Stauffer
Elsa Stazesky and Richard Stazesky, Jr.
Deborah C. Steadman and Paul A. Duncanson
Marion Jarry Stearns and Jonathan D. Stearns
Pamela Stefanelli and Anthony Stefanelli
Heidi M. Kuhland and Carl W. Steike
Mary Steinmetz and Gerald Steinmetz
Sandra Stephens
Kimberley R. Sterl
Elizabeth S. Stettner and Kenneth R. Stettner
Margaret Stevens and Ryan Stevens
Therese L. Stevenson and John C. Stevenson
Dawn Stever and Peter Stever
Holly St.Gelais and Donald St.Gelais
Karen M. Stitham and Gary T. Stitham
Glenna P. Stolzberg and Jeffrey A. Stolzberg
Leona D. Stone and Donald H. Stone G
Cecily E. Stone and James L. Stone
Sharon Y. Stone and Tyler M. Stone
Kathleen Stone
Patricia A. Stote and William F. Stote
Kathleen L. Stowell and Thomas E. Stowell
Joanne C. Straight G and John R. Straight G
Margaret M. Straube and Kurt Straube
Carol Stringham and Peter S. Stringham
Kelli Studley and Donald Studley
Jill S. Sturgill and Larry C. Sturgill
Joanne Suffel and James Suffel
Andrea T. Sullivan and Robert T. Sullivan
Maribeth M. Dinicola-Sullivan and Cornelius A. Sullivan
Anne O'Shaughnessy Suosso and Alton W. Suosso, Jr.
Donald H. Sutherland
Connie Swaebe and David Swaebe
Elizabeth T. Swain and John K. F. Landry
Shayna Swartz and Jeffrey Swartz
Dan F. Sweet G
Bonnie L. Sylvestre G and Peter C. Sylvestre G
Linda S. Taft
Jill K. Tassinari and Steven M. Tassinari
Joanne Tavares and Richard Tavares
Laura Taveras
Stephen H. Taylor G
Betsy Taylor and Peter Taylor
Susan J. Tefft G and John G. Tefft G
Margaret E. Teichman and Daniel Teichman
Gina Tempera and Michael Tempera
Suzanne Tempesta and Gerard Tempesta
Holly K. Tenney and Edward B. Tenney II
Connie Huynh and Tom Thai
Sharon D. Thames and Steven M. Thames
Beverly Ferron Therrien
Patricia Brown Thibault G and Norman A. Thibault G
Rita L. Thibault and Paul J. Thibault
Pamela E. P. Thivierge and Dennis J. Thivierge
Barbara O. Thomas and James L. Thomas
F. Roberta Thomas and Richard P. Thomas
Deborah A. Stavseth G and Timothy F. Thompson G
Wendy B. Thompson and Robert A. Thompson
Timothy Thompson
Joyce R. Thomson and William Thomson
Kathryn H. Thomson and Robert Thomson
Julie Thomson and Jeffrey H. Thomson
Bella P. Thorne and Ray M. Thorne
Jill Thorner and Bruce A. Thorner
Melissa A. Thrush and Kirk W. Thrush
Martha Thyng G
Doris Buser Tierney G
Karen Tisdell and David Tisdell
Edward J. Titcomb
Nancy Wirth Tkach G
Gail Tomlak and Avi Tomlak
Lorraine Tondre and Paul Tondre
Lisa L. Townson and David H. Townson
Kathleen D. Travaglini and Peter P. Travaglini
Jill Trelease
Susan A. Tremblay
Steven A. Tremblay
Roland G. Tremblay G
Karen Trepp and Jay D. Trepp
Elizabeth Triglione and Anthony J. Triglione, Jr.
Jennifer Tripp and Barry Tripp
Nora Trivino and Michael Gallina
Rosario Trogele and Thomas Trogele
Pamela Troutman and David Troutman
Barbara Gesen Trulson and O. Conrad Trulson
Susan B. Tucker and John H. Tucker G
Ellen Turner and Thomas Turner III
Mary Jane Turner and Jeffrey D. Turner
Lori Uhlman
Judith M. Upham and Thomas F. Upham
Noreen A. Upton
Michele J. Urso and Robert F. Urso
Paulette K. Uvino and Samuel H. Uvino
Vicky L. Vaccaro and Thomas R. Vaccaro
Michelle Valeriani and James Valeriani
Tamara J. Valhouli and Paul M. Valhouli
Viorine R. Valicenti and Arthur T. Valicenti, Jr. G
Donna Z. Valicenti and Bruce F. Valicenti G
Elizabeth Turmelle Valway and William P. Valway
Kathleen A. VanBaren and Herbert E. VanBaren
Amy J. VanGulick and Robert R. VanGulick, Jr.
Barbara Van Sickle and Edward Van Sickle
Sheila Ventresca and Thomas Ventresca
Janice Vergati
Dawn M. Verrill and Gary W. Verrill
Meredith Hall Vigneau and Grady E. Vigneau, Jr.
Louann L. Villani and Stuart J. Nippes
Mary Vineis and John Vineis
Beverly Gaunya Viola and John T. Viola G
Diana L. Violette and James A. Violette
Judith C. Virnelli G and Frank R. Virnelli G
Alexander Vuckovic
Cathy A. Wade
Beatrice Conrad Wadleigh and Nicholas H. Wadleigh
Marguerite Wageling and Mark Wageling
Cynthia L. Wagner G and Howard S. Wagner G
Penny Walczyk and Stanley Walczyk
Carla Walsh and Michael Walsh, Jr.
Miles E. Waltz G
Barbara Lynch Warchol G and Richard J. Warchol G
Louise P. Ward and Kevin M. Ward
Peggy Cavacas Wardrop G and John S. Wardrop G
Katherine A. Wark and William Wark
Mary C. Warner and Tobin H. Warner
Winston E. Warren
Hazel E. Watkinson and Edward Watkinson
Wendy A. Watson and James L. Watson III
Marie A. Weatherby and Thomas H. Weatherby
Margaret Weaver and J. David Osborne
Elizabeth D. Webster and Keith R. Webster
Pauline Baillargeon Weeks and Stephen E. Weeks, Sr.
Lisa C. Weibrecht and Edwin H. Weibrecht
Amy B. Winslow-Weiss and Robert E. Weiss
Crystal A. Weitzell and Ronald W. Weitzell
Loui C. Welby
Andra M. Welch
Jo P. Welch and Edward H. Welch
Lisa A. Welch and Kenneth P. Welch
Michelle Welch and James Welch
Michele Welch and Glenn Welch
Cathryn Welch and Charles Welch
Ruth E. Wells and Francis C. Wells
Donna J. Wendel and Thomas D. Wendel
Linda F. Wentzell G and John L. Wentzell, Jr. G
Rhonda M. Wesolowski G
Mary Ann West and Russell A. West
Salpi S. Westhaver and Robert A. Westhaver
Cynthia M. Westover G and David A. Westover G
Marjorie J. Wheaton G
Rebecca Whippie and Wayne Whippie
Doreen L. White and Paul R. White
Andrea A. White and Warren S. White
Darlene White and Jeffrey White
Kathleen M. White and Thomas G. White
Judith E. Whitelaw and T. J. Whitelaw
Jane E. Whitmore and John E. Whitmore
Suzanne Whittaker and Scott Whittaker
Dianne D. Wickline and Earl H. Wickline
Donna Reckelhoff and Erik Wiehardt
Ellen Hayes Wienberg and Charles E. Wienberg
Lynne Wiggins and Larry A. Wiggins
Elizabeth J. Wilbur and Stephen P. Wilbur
Doree Wilcox and Jason Wilcox
Samantha Wilhelm and Stefan Wilhelm
Anna Wilkie and Thomas Wilkie
Martin J. Wilkinson
Janet K. Williams and Allen R. Williams
Patricia Williams and Kenneth Williams
Lolita M. Williams and Robert P. Williams, Jr.
Carla J. Wilson
Silvia C. T. Wilson and Mark S. Wilson
Patricia Wilson and Paul Wilson
Joyce Wilt and Michael Wilt
Chiara Dolcino G and Michael J. Wimsatt G
Laura Winslow and Joseph Winslow
Lauren A. Wirth and William F. Wirth
Linda Wise and Robert Wise
Cindy Wisniowski and Peter Wisniowski
Sally Knakal Wituszynski and Jeff C. Wituszynski
Tammy Woelfel and Thomas Woelfel
Todd Woelfl
Alan Wohlstetter, Jr.
Mary Ann Wojcicki and Wojciech S. Wojcicki
Terry Wollenzien and Bernhard H. Wollenzien
Julia E. Wolny-Schwartz G and Cory L. Schwartz G
Jan Wolski and Thomas R. Wolski
Michele C. Wong
Kimberly Stetson Woods and Steven E. Woods
Penny Woods
Lisa Swenson Woodward and Jeffrey R. Woodward
Maryann Wrenn and Paul Wrenn
Donna J. Wu
Dawn Edgar Wyckoff and George H. Wyckoff, Jr. G
Denise Wyer and David Wyer
Tsunako Yamazaki and Jun Yamazaki
Tina Yanuszewski and Ronald Yanuszewski
Julie Yetman and Joseph Yetman
Dawn Yorke and Stephen C. Yorke
Claudia Buchanan Young G and Stanley T. Young G
Jennifer W. Young and Robert E. Young
Marilyn C. Young and Richard B. Young
Josee Young
Sallie E. Yurkosky and Thomas P. Yurkosky
Julie Williams Ywoskus and John A. Ywoskus
Stephanie Zangrillo-Neville
Cynthia Zarow and Kevin Zarow
Barbara T. Zeckhausen and William A. Zeckhausen G
Carol Frampton and Marc Zehngut
Christine Zeoli and James S. Zeoli
Lynn Parsons Ziman and Robert S. Ziman

UNH Active Members

GIFTS of $1 to $99

Douglas W. Abbott
Diane M. Abboud and Michael T. Abboud
Sara L. Abend and David K. Abend
Ken Accashian
Shirley G. Adamovich and Frank W. Adamovich
Margaret Bodwell Adams and John R. Adams
Nancy Gilman Aiken and David E. Aiken
Thomas D. Ainaire
Kelly Albers and David Albers
Donna Albertelli Collins and Terrence P. Collins
Lynn Alexander and Taylor S. Alexander
Patricia L. Alexanian and Robert A. Alexanian
Joyce Mercier Allan and Huntley Allan G
Elizabeth Woodward Allen G
Cheri H. Allen and Guilford S. Allen III
Patricia Allo
Andrea Almquist and Mark Almquist
Sandra Gagnon and Wayne Alterisio
Karen Altobelli
LeRoy J. Anderson
Lorraine A. Anderson and Gary A. Anderson
Melissa Anderson and Gary Anderson
Shannon M. Billings and Graham E. Anderson
Cheryl A. Anderton and Michael D. Anderton
Kerry E. Andreasson and Scott D. Andreasson
Jane M. Angelopoulos and John C. Angelopoulos
Sharon B. Annicchiarico and Michael J. Annicchiarico
Noele R. Antonelli and Stephen M. Faccidomo
Kerstin Apfelberg and Michael Apfelberg
Alice L. Archambault and Todd J. Archambault
Mary L. Arcidi and Alfred J. Arcidi, Jr.
Diana Arciniegas and Francisco Arciniegas
Linda Arel
Doris S. Arnold and Stephen A. Arnold
Felix J. Arroyo
Suzy Arsenault and Kenneth Arsenault
Steven Arsenault
Alice Turpanjian Asadourian and Ralph R. Asadourian
Pamela J. Ashmankas and Mathew J. Ashmankas
Sharon Aslin and Steven Aslin
Tamorah Malette Asvaraksh and Gada E. Asvaraksh
Meredith Atwood and Richard Atwood
JoAnn Harrington Audette G and Francis Audette G
Margaret D. Avery and Robert G. Avery
Ramona Ayen and Scott Ayen
Patricia Supsinskas Ayre and Walter S. Ayre
Elisabeth Babeu and Roger Babeu
Leila Bacho and Christopher Bacho
Andrea Badger and Keith B. Badger
Lisa G. Baity and John C. Baity
Krista A. Bajor and Peter J. Bajor
Robyn L. Baker and Gary W. Baker
Faith Barnett Baker
Nancy Baker
Kathleen M. Balas and Charles K. Balas
Nancy Low Baldvins
Elizabeth Baldwin
Ann Baldyga and James Baldyga
Ruth E. Baltus and Kevin M. Ball
Gweneth Ballard and James W. Ballard
Kathy M. Barbone and Joseph A. Barbone, Jr.
Maeve Barnes-Harrington and George Harrington
Brooke Baron and Kenneth Baron
Maria L. Barreto and Patrick W. Barreto
Marie A. Barrows and William A. Barrows
Joyce E. Barry
Harvey E. Bascom
Nancy Basque and John Basque
Anne E. Bastien and Philip A. Bastien
Katherine Batchelder
Yvonne York Bates and Richard E. Bates
Barbara H. Batten and James A. Batten G
Beth Dolloff Baum and Peter J. Baum
Catherine D. Baybutt and James Baybutt
Lynn N. Beach and Robert J. Beach
Tammara Beane and David Beane
Kristine Beaudette and Louis Beaudette
Jacqueline M. Beaudry and David N. Beaudry
Michelle Beaulieu and Arthur Beaulieu
Bryn Beaulieu and Edward Beaulieu
Claudia Beaulieu and Robert Beaulieu
Katherine E. Beaumont and Robert E. Beaumont
Kim C. Bechert G and William F. Bechert G
Yvette Bechtold and John Bechtold
Lorraine A. Beck and Collis H. Beck
Tierney Beck and Mark Beck
Margaret M. Beckert and Stephen Beckert
Sharon Skillings Behan and Richard A. Behan
Teri L. Beimler and Gregg G. Beimler
Nancy Belanger and Philip Belanger
Nancy Belletete and David Belletete
Lisa F. Belliveau and Jeffrey A. Belliveau
David Bellows
Mary E. Bencks and Douglas C. Bencks
Joan Bencze and Peter Verdone
Hugo T. Benettieri
Linda Benezra and Amram Ben-Ezra
Mark A. Bennett
Cheryl L. Bennett and Steven J. Bennett
Siobhan Bennett and Mark Bennett
Theresa Berger Benoit and R. Andre Benoit
Patricia Walton Benzing and Joseph C. Benzing
Gunnar Berg
Maureen Bergstrom and Frederick Bergstrom
Shelley M. Bernson
Nancy Goodwin Berry G and Robert D. Berry G
Marsha T. Berry and William S. Berry
Mary F. Berryhill G
Nancy L. Bertrand and Joseph B. Bertrand
Carol A. Bertsimas and George N. Bertsimas
Darrylin J. Besnilian-Wasiuk and Anthony A. Wasiuk
Catherine Bettencourt and Daniel Bettencourt
Anne Bibeau and Robert J. Bibeau
Theresa Bigley and Richard Bigley
Patricia Bille and Frank Bille
Tracy K. Bilynsky and Walter D. Bilynsky
Kathy Birkebak and Richard Birkebak
Karen E. Bishop and Robert C. Bishop
Wendy B. Bissonette
Betsy H. Black and Darryl Black
Linda Gordon Blair and Dennis T. Blair
Nancy Batchelder Blair G and Frederick C. Blair, Jr. G
Dorothy Dionne Blais and Jeffrey M. Blais
Kathleen M. Blais and Michael G. Blais
Robin M. Blake and Michael D. Blake
Debra Legere Blanchard G and Dennis L. Blanchard G
Sally L. Blanchard and Steve Blanchard
Claire Blanchette and Raymond Blanchette
Carol Blessing and James Blessing
Susan Johnson Blossom and Charles N. Blossom, Jr.
Christine Bobola
Eileen Wall Bodeur and Jeffrey Bodeur
Kurt Bodley
Penny D. Boese and Timothy D. Boese
Patricia A. Bogosian and Brian R. Bogosian
Adele F. Bohanan and Glenn L. Bohanan
Nancy J. Bolduc and Allan J. Bolduc
Anne Bonaparte-Krogh and Paul M. Bonaparte-Krogh
Gale A. Bonner and Steven P. Bonner
Pamela F. Bonney and Forrest R. Bonney
Lisa M. Bono and Martin F. Bono
Anne Booker G and Michael L. Booker G
Paula Pappas Borbotsina
Heidi Borella and Carl Borella
Kathy Bosiak and William Bosiak
Colleen Bottari
Jeanne Bouchard and John Bouchard
Corrine A. Boulanger and Thomas J. Boulanger
Judee R. Bourque and George Bourque
Alda L. Bourque and Martin G. Bourque
Mariette M. Bourque and David P. Bourque
Tracy A. Boutelle and Robert W. Boutelle
Norma Bowen
Elizabeth F. Bowles G and David A. Bowles G
Angela Boyd
Marybeth Boyer and Larry Boyer
Julie S. Boyer and Eugene D. Boyer, Jr.
Elise R. Bradley and Mahlon A. Bradley
Diane Bradsell and William Bradsell
Jean C. Bragg G and Jeffrey S. Bragg G
Karen G. Brand and Robert Brand
Diane Brandon and Michael Brandon
Nick Brattan
Sharon L. Brauer and Christopher Brauer
D. Maxine Bray
Dianna D. Breneman and Robert C. Breneman
Michelle D. Bricker and Daniel Wayne Bricker
Susan Bridge G
Charlotte Bridges and Bruce A. Bridges
Arthur Briere
Lauren E. Briggs
Elizabeth A. Bringola
Therese A. Bristol and James E. Bristol III
Monique M. Larouche and Robert D. Brock
Carol Broderick
Jack V. Brodt
Denise Brookings and Robert L. Brookings
April Brothers
Wendy S. Brousseau and Edward Brousseau
Corrine Brown and Arthur M. Brown G
Charlyn E. Brown and Forrest C. Brown
Kristine P. Brown
Donna M. Ferlito-Brown and Eric M. Brown
Karen A. Brown and Steven P. Brown
Denise Brown and Aaron Brown
Judy Brown and Randolph Brown
Robert H. Brown
April L. Brown and Russell T. Brown
Erin Brown and Eric Brown
Barbara Salter Bruinooge and Arthur Bruinooge
Scott A. Brulotte
Wendy Brulotte and Edmund Brulotte
Marie A. Dickson and Stephen Bruning
Lynne E. Brydon and Steven C. Brydon
Nancy Price Bucciarelli
Stacy Bull and Dana Bull
Dawn M. Bungay and Scott H. Bungay
Laurie Barker Burdwood and Gregory M. Burdwood
Constance M. Bureau and Edward D. Bureau II G
Michelle Burgess
Anne T. Burgess and Howard C. Burgess
Mary L. Burke and Mark Burke
Angela Burke and Michael P. Burke
Marie Burke and James Burke
Jennifer Burke and Robert Burke
Amanda J. Burke and David P. Burke
Cathy M. Burmeister
James P. Burns
Nancy E. Burns
Denise Burns and Sean Burns
Kathleen A. Busby and James A. Busby
Janice Gates Bushold and Jon A. Bushold
Judy Butler and John Butler
AnnMarie Butler and Thomas Butler
Janice B. Butler and Daniel K. Butler, Jr.
Denise A. Buxton and Dean B. Buxton
Janie Buzzell and Andrew Buzzell
Virginia M. Byrne and Paul A. Byrne
Kimberly Welch Cadorette and David H. Cadorette
Karyn B. Cahill and Dennis W. Cahill
Lisa K. Cain
Jean M. Calaci and John J. Bennett
Gwendolyn A. Caldwell
Heather E. Caldwell
Elaine S. Caldwell and David M. Caldwell
Cheryl A. Callahan and William H. Callahan
Shelagh J. Callahan and Stephen T. Callahan
Tawna M. Callahan and John D. Callahan
Elizabeth C. Callahan and Francis Callahan
Kerry Calley and Kevin Calley
Joan Calo and John Calo
Mary Ellen Cameron and Peter F. Cameron
Scott Camirand
Cynthia Campana and Richard E. Campana
Anne F. Campbell
Carolyn A. D. Campbell and Breck P. Campbell
Maria Cann
Marianne Cannon and Michael Cannon
Therese Conners Caouette G and Donald R. Caouette G
Carolyn Caouette and Jean C. Caouette
Beth Cape and Jason Cape
Donna Caraglia and Michael Caraglia
Rosemarie Carbone and Thomas Carbone
Denise Cardillo and Walter Cardillo
Theresa Cardoso and Jose Cardoso
Eileen Carey and Alan Carey
Elaine Nelson Cargill and Paul J. Cargill
Pamela J. Carlson and Walter C. Carlson G
Margaret C. Carlton and Lawrence S. Carlton † G
Gretchen A. Carney and Joseph M. Carney
Nellie L. Caron and Thomas L. Caron, Jr.
Ann T. Carpenter
Ellen Carr and Thomas Carr
Joan White Carrier G and Edward B. Carrier G
Melissa Carroll and Robert M. Carroll
Kathleen H. Carroll and Shaun P. Carroll, Jr.
Christina M. Carroll and Dale C. Ayers
Lisa Carroll and Patrick Carroll
Christine L. Carroll-Van Hoose and Bryan D. Van Hoose
Deborah Carter and Stephen W Carter
Shirley B. Carter
Joanne Curtin Cartier and Jacques F. Cartier
Patricia L. Caruso and Stephen A. Caruso
Gail Cascio and Michael A. Cascio, Jr.
Mary Casey and George Casey
Susan J. Cassano and Louis J. Cassano, Jr.
Caroljean Cassidy and Scott Cassidy
Susan Pazdon Caswell and Albert W. Caswell III
Kevin V. Catalano
Ann Catalano and Robert Catalano
Barbara E. Caverly
Louise Hogan Caverly G and Richard L. Caverly G
Carol Cedrone and Steven Cedrone
Lisa M. Cenca and Anthony Cenca
Marjorie D. Chadbourne and Bernard H. Chadbourne
Dora Chagnon and Emile A. Chagnon, Jr.
Mary Maxwell Chagnon
Donna M. Chaisson and Mark R. Chaisson
Amy Chalstrom and Harry Chalstrom
Amy M. Chamard and Thomas G. Chamard
Bernadette R. Chambers and Wade A. Chambers
Karen Champagne and Michael Champagne
Laurie Chapman-Bosco and John F. Bosco
Lisa Charland
Barbara J. Charles and Dennis S. Charles
Fay Kennard Chary and James R. Stewart, Jr. G
Heidi W. Chase and Clifford W. Chase
Wendy V. Chase and Les O. Chase
Meredith Savignano and Glenn T. Chavious
Catherine Cheek and Robert Cheek
Patricia J. Chick and Donald E. Chick, Jr. G
Rita Chouinard and Daniel Chouinard
Betty A. Chouinard and Donald A. Chouinard
Kathleen Christman and William Christman
Patricia A. Cilley and David A. Cilley
Susan L. Clark G and Peter N. Clark G
Marybeth Giarla Clark and Arthur J. Clark
Priscilla B. Clark G and Donald H. Clark G
Deborah Clark and Nicholas Clark
Anne G. Clarke and Jeffrey R. Clarke
Jeanne Planchet Clarner and Peter Clarner
Lauren Clegg and Peter Clegg
Kay B. Climer
Denise L. Cline
Tracy A. Clondin
Susan M. Clough and Herbert A. Clough
Tracie L. Cloutier and Alan J. Cloutier
Tina R. Coderre and James A. Coderre
Barbara Cohen and Richard D. Cohen
Teresa L. Colarusso G and Joseph J. Colarusso G
Carol Ferguson Colcord G and J. Dudley Colcord G
Bernice Cole and David Cole
Kimberley L. Coleman and Paul Coleman
Rose M. Coleman and John F. Coleman
Laura Coleman and Charles Coleman
LoriAnn Collins and Christopher P. Collins
Lori A. Collins and Michael R. Collins
Dorothea J. M. Collins and William J. Collins
Leslie Collyer and John Collyer
Lynda L. Comstock and William G. Comstock
Laurie Conboy and Daniel Conboy
Georgia Cone and Floyd M. Cone
Joseph M. Conley
Sally C. Conlon and Clarke G. Conlon G
Christina M. Conneely and Terry W. Conneely
Janis L. Conner and Thomas R. Conner
Maureen D. Connor and Peter J. Connor
Gregory Connors
Janet Fuller Conroy and Andrew B. Conroy
Eileen M. Coogan and Thomas A. Coogan
Patricia A. Cook and Scott P. Cook
Patricia Gagne Coolidge G and Clyde R. Coolidge G
Andrea F. Cooper G and John T. Cooper G
Grace G. Cooper and Matthew B. Cooper
Vicky H. Cooper and David W. Cooper
Susan Cooper and Wallace Cooper, Jr.
Barbara Cooper and Robert Cunningham
Paula N. Copeland and Richard A. Copeland
Jane D. Copp G and Robert D. Copp G
Maryann Coppi and William Coppi
Patricia Doern Coppins G and William T. Coppins II G
Laurie Cordaro and William Cordaro
Elizabeth J. Corell and Roger C. Hawk
Margo F. Coren
David A. Cormier
Michelle M. Cormier and James M. Cormier
Christine Corrigan
Cynthia Benedict Corson and Peter D. Corson
Debora Alterisio Cote and Scott D. Cote, Sr.
Deborah T. Cotting and Charles C. Cotting
Kathleen W. Coughlin and James F. Coughlin
Susan M. Courcelle and Thomas Courcelle
Paul Courchene
Ellen M. Courtney G and Francis N. Courtney, Jr. G
Susan M. Violette and Stephen D. Couture
Denise Couture and Steven Couture, Sr.
Karen G. Coyle and Kevin J. Coyle
Robin Jelinek Craig and J. Douglas Craig
Shirley A. Crasco and Robert J. Crasco
Barbara A. Cray and Brian E. Cray
Patrice Curran Creighton G and Dean H. Creighton G
Joyce R. Crocker and James A. Crocker
Lisa Cronin
Anne E. Crook and Thomas J. Crook
Michele Croteau and John R. Croteau
Darlene M. Crouch and Joseph P. Crouch
Debra M. Crowther and Kenneth C. Crowther
Joann Cueva and John F. Cueva
Mary E. Cummings and John M. Cummings
Kathleen Cunha
Diane R. Cunic
Donna Cupido and Gary Cupido
Peggi Curlett
Karen Curley and James Curley
Nora M. Curran and Michael J. Curran
Patricia A. Curran
Marie Marden Currier
Laura Cursack
Cynthia P. Curtis
Catherine Curtis
Simone D. Cushing and Arthur J. Cushing
Martha L. Cyr and William J. Cyr
Barbara E. Dahl † G
Betsy Dalton
Lois Wood Dalzell and Charles J. Dalzell G
Marrianne Dandley-Sleight and John C. Sleight
Margaret D'Angelo and Michael E. D'Angelo
Lee Dawn Daniel
Linda F. Danielovich G and Steven J. Danielovich G
Florence Regis Danko and Thomas Danko G
Adele L. Dantona
Renee Dargie and Timothy J. Dargie
Cheryl Dudley Davis and Richard H. Davis
Debra T. Davis and James P. Davis
Joanne M. Davis
Mary C. Keegan-Dayton and Howard B. Dayton
Faith Weldon DeBold and Richard W. DeBold
Maryanne Dechambeau and Mark Dechambeau
Bruce S. Dechert
Charlene Wago Decker and William F. Decker
Ann M. De Diego and Octavio E. De Diego
Karen M. DeDonato and David DeDonato
Dawn M. Deignan
Maria C. Delaney and Michael V. Delaney
Beverly Dellavalle and Edmund Dellavalle
Teresa Demars and Bryan Demars
Denise Langlois Demers and Ernest A. Demers
Nancy Ayers Deminie G and Carl A. Deminie G
Evelyn Clark Dennis and Wallace E. Dennis
Suzanne S. Dennison and Scott W. Dennison
Pamela Depaolo and Christopher Depaolo
Suzanne DeRosa and John DeRosa
Marie R. DeRosia and Winton P. DeRosia
Judith E. Derry and Edward H. Derry
Lynn Morrill Desharnais and Robert H. Desharnais
Judith M. Desharnais and Leonard E. Desharnais
Mary K. Desrocher
Joanne C. Desrosiers and Paul Desrosiers
Janice Desrosiers and Armand Desrosiers
Lois Detroia and Michael Detroia
Karen E. Deveau and Daniel A. Deveau
Christine M. DeVito
Christopher Dewsnap
Lisa G. DiBartolomeo and John A. DiBartolomeo
Jeanette O. Dibiase and Frank H. Dibiase
Leslie R. Dickie and Brian J. Dickie
Carol L. Dickson and Robert C. Dickson
Laurel L. Dickson-Bull and David E. Bull
Lisa M. Dickson and Richard G. Dickson, Sr.
Susan Diemer and Marty Diemer
Antonella Dietrich
Teresa Difabio and Jose Difabio
Linda J. DiMaio and David P. DiMaio
Teresa DiNapoli and Vincent DiNapoli
Brenda D. Dingle
Laura DiPrizio and Vincenzo DiPrizio
Sharon Stepanian DiRubio
Bernice Doane and Charles B. Doane
Judith Docurral
Elizabeth L. Dodge and David S. Dodge
Jean M. Doe
Kimberly A. Doe-Kiley
Judith M. Doherty G
Diana L. Donahue
Teresa Donahue and John M. Donahue, Jr.
Elaine B. Donnelly
Michele Donohue and Joseph P. Donohue
Susan R. Donovan and Glenn L. Donovan
Roberta Donovan and Edward J. Donovan
Christina A. Dore and Richard M. Dore
Katherine Dormody and Dale Dormody
Lucille Paquette Dorr and Stephen B. Dorr
Melissa Dorr
Maureen Bilafer Doucette and Gregory C. Doucette
Kathleen J. Doucette
Betty S. Douglas and F. Dwight Douglas
Theresa L. Douville
Joanne Trachy Dover and Kent Dover, Jr.
Cynthia Dow and Robert Dow
Renee L. Dowhaniuk and Bradley N. Dowhaniuk
Susan Downer G and Raymond J. Downer, Jr. G
Donna Thurston Downing G and Thomas J. Downing G
Ellen Pomroy Dozet and John M. Dozet
Marianne Draghi
Nancy J. Drew G and Thomas E. Drew G
Jean A. Driscoll and John C. Driscoll
Suzan B. Driscoll and John J. Driscoll, Jr.
Cynthia Droeske and Michael Droeske
Alicia Dubois and Howard Dubois
Ann Duffy-Lavertu
Tracey A. Dumais and Daniel R. Dumais
Wendy A. Dunleavy and Paul J. Dunleavy
Kelly J. Dupuis and David Dupuis
Ellen Duranceau and Jacques Duranceau
Kimberly Durgin and Scott Durgin
Lorraine G. Dusinberre and Robert W. Dusinberre
Dawn K. Dutka and John M. Dutka
Jean F. Duval and Gary J. Duval
Cathy L. Duve and Tyson D. Duve
Kathleen M. Dwyer and Thomas C. Dwyer
Allison J. Dwyer and Dennis M. Dwyer
Peggy Dwyer
Josee V. Eaton and Donald C. Eaton
Rosemary B. Eaton and Richard A. Eaton
Lori Eaton
Marion B. Eckhard
Teresa J. Edwards and David M. Edwards
Nancy Eisenhut and Steven Washakowski
Cheryl Elder and Thomas Elder
Karen D. Elgar and Rocco D. Elgar
Barbara Eliason and Kent D. Eliason
Earl M. Elliott
Pamela S. Elliott and Kingsley D. Birdsall
Gail Regan Ellsworth and Bruce B. Ellsworth
Judith A. Elovitz
Mary B. Elrick and Robert H. Elrick
Martha M. Emerson and Henry B. Nichols, Jr.
Anne T. Emerson and David C. Emerson
Deborah M. Emerson and Christopher L. Emerson
Debra W. English and Bryan D. English
Elaine L. Enis and Peter W. Enis, Jr.
Denise E. Erenstone and Richard L. Erenstone
Susan Ericson-West and Vaughn West
Angela Eringis and Joseph Eringis
Eileen M. Erwin and Mark D. Erwin
Arelis Espaillat
Jean Esperson-Golden and Brian Golden
Theresa Grenier Estabrook G and Robert H. Estabrook G
Gisela Behrendt Estes and Paul L. Estes G
Renee M. Estey
Susan J. Evans Norris
Diane R. Fagan and Peter J. Fagan
Rebecca Fallon and Michael Fallon
Joanne Fanning and Mark Fanning
Anne Chretien Fantasia and Richard J. Fantasia
Lisa Farley and Thomas Farley
David Farley
Ruth C. Farney
Patricia L. Farrell and John T. Farrell
Patricia Faulds and Thomas Frattaroli
Tina M. Faulhaber and James J. Faulhaber
Mary Jean S. Faulkner and William L. Faulkner G
Terrilynne Feeney and Mark Feeney
Lisa Dupuis-Feiereisen and John Feiereisen
Martha E. Felber and Karl Felber
Debra Feldman and James Feldman
Amy E. Felgar G
Lynn J. Felix and Bruce L. Felix
Jill S. Fellows and James D. Fellows
Elizabeth G. Fenderson
Martha F. Fenno and Stephen W. Fenno
Helen E. Fernald and Frederick S. Fernald
Tammy Ferraro and Timothy Ferraro
Kathleen Ferrini and Frank Ferrini
Jacqueline A. Ffrench and Martin Ffrench
Michael A. Fiandaca G
Janis A. Fick and Wayne A. Fick
Vicki Figiel and Steven Figiel
Margaret P. Filipowicz and Marc L. Filipowicz
Janet Fink and Patrick Fink
Jeanine Fiorillo and Santo Fiorillo
Ann Royce Firestine and Dwight L. Firestine
Rita A. Fish
Prudence C. Fisher and Timothy F. Fisher
Francine Fisher and Howard J. Fisher
Linda G. Fitts G and Stephen A. Fitts G
Laurie J. Fitts and William R. Fitts
Katherine Maxwell-Fitzgerald and Brian P. Fitzgerald
Diane P. Flaherty and Michael J. Flaherty
Bonnie Flaman and Ferny Flaman
Valerie Piedmont and Paul I. Fleischmann
John F. Fleming, Jr.
Karen A. Florio and James S. Adelmann
Tracie Flynn and Kevin Flynn
Charlene A. Foley and John M. Foley
Marilyn E. Follansbee and H. E. Follansbee, Jr.
Carrie A. Forleo and Richard P. Forleo
Harriet Forman
Wendy Bell Formichelli and Anthony M. Formichelli
Cynthia L. Forti and James K. Forti
Janet W. Fortnam and Robert W. Fortnam
Patricia Skibbee-Fosburg and R. Michael Fosburg
Brenda Bouffard Foster and Mark H. Foster
Kathleen P. Fournier G and Raymond A. Fournier G
Kimberlee A. Fournier
Cathleen Fowler and Carl Fowler
Renee Ratte and Thomas C. Frantz
Karen L. Frarie
Janique Reil Fraser and William P. Fraser
Jean H. Frechette and Richard P. Frechette
Alice Stanbrook Freese and Lloyd H. Freese G
Susan J. French and Buzzie French
Regina L. French and David A. French
Carolyn Friberg and Carl Yalicki
Christine A. Fritsch G and Joseph J. Fritsch G
Catherine E. Frizzell and Raymond F. Frizzell, Jr.
Marion S. Frost G
Jeffery Fulmore
Crystal Furnee
Chantal Gabrault and Leo Gabrault
Kathleen Gabrielle and David S. Gabrielle
Nancy W. Gabrielli and Albert A. Gabrielli
Kathleen M. Gage and Donald R. Gage II
Bonny Fox Gagne and John H. Gagne
Robin T. Gagne and James P. Gagne
Barbara Gagne and Michael S. Gagne
Janice E. Gagne and Charles D. Gagne
Danielle Gagnon and David Gagnon
Martin Galasyn
Sheryl D. Gale and Michael J. Gale
Judy Liontonia and Brian Galford
Silvana Galic and Bernard Galic
Carol A. Gallagher and John E. Gallagher
Marlene F. Gallant G and Jason L. Gallant G
Kimberly M. Gallant and Ronald Gallant
Anne Gallant and George Gallant
Regina VanDerMeeren and Guido Gallopyn
Diane E. Gamache and Normand Gamache
Elizabeth Ganem
Claire R. Garabedian G and Michael J. Garabedian G
Nichola K. Garcia and Raymond G. Garcia
Gail Gardocki and William V. Gardocki
Lynn B. Garfield and William W. Garfield
Joellen S. Gargaly and Charles J. Gargaly, Jr.
Meighan Dignam Garnsey G and Frederick S. Garnsey G
Cynthia M. Garron and Andre L. Garron
Donna W. Garvey and Thomas A. Garvey
Margaret H. Garza and Rene R. Garza
Andrea R. Gaskell and Frank C. Gaskell, Jr.
Terese J. Gavin and John F. Gavin
Luann Mussari and Brad L. Geltz
Mary Ann P. Gendron and Raymond V. Gendron
Laurie George and Jeffrey George
Tracie A. Georgetti and Richard A. Georgetti, Jr.
Seth Gerath
Karen A. Gerry and Richard M. Gerry
Nancy E. Gersky and Allen J. Gersky II
Mary A. Gertz and David Gertz
Ann Pettit Getts
Susanne Watson Gigliotti and Alan J. Gigliotti
Mary Giknis and Joseph D. Frank
Pamela D. Gilbert and Marc L. Gilbert
Judith Gilbert
Sarah T. Gillens and Gordon A. Gillens G
Nancy Reid Gillum G
Mary Gilmore and Christopher Gilmore
Tracy H. Gilpatrick
Jeri Anne V. Ginter and Eric Ginter
Kathryn L. Gioldassis and John I. Gioldassis
Nancy L. Girard and Garret W. Graaskamp
Kathryn M. Glass and Jonathan P. Glass
Ruth C. Glennon and John R. Glennon
Lorna P. Gobbi and Joseph M. Gobbi
Helen F. Goldberg and George T. Goldberg
Elsie J. Golding and Patrick P. Golding
Paula A. Goldman
Laurie S. Goldsmith and Stevens W. Goldsmith
Lee-Ann McQuade Gonsalves and James F. Gonsalves
Georganna M. Goodale and Paul A. Goodale
Margaret E. Goodnough and Roger A. Goodnough G
Martha W. Goodnow and Robert R. Goodnow
Fawn C. Goodrow and Kenneth P. Goodrow
Pamela D. Gordon and Barry J. Gordon
Pauline Christy Gorey G and Jay M. Gorey G
John P. Gorham G
Katherine M. Gorham and Dennis M. Gorham
Rachel L. Gorman and Joseph R. Gorman
Debora Gottschalk and Peter Gottschalk
Marjorie C. Goudreault and Dana L. Goudreault
Althea M. Goundrey G and Paul J. Goundrey G
Beth R. Grabbert and Stephen J. Grabbert
Deborah M. Graff and William C. Graff
Betsy J. Graham and Hugh L. Graham
Frances M. Grande and George Grande
Constance E. Grant and Daniel T. Grant
Lynn Fiechter Grant and Stephen C. Grant
Alice Grass and Timothy Grass
Karen E. Gray and Anthony C. Loy
Deborah A. Graziani and Stephen M. Graziani
Kelley Grealish and Daniel Kelly
Beverly D. Green G
Heather A. Green and Paul J. Green
John M. Greene
Cherie K. Greene
Elizabeth Greenleaf and Bradford Greenleaf
Beryl A. Gribbin and Timothy C. Gribbin
Ilene Griff
J. Griggs
Marion L. Grillo and Peter J. Grillo
Theresa C. Grogan and David S. Grogan
Carol Doering and Louis O. Grondin
Jane S. Grota
Brenda Groves and Dana Groves
Gina M. Guarneri and Joseph J. Guarneri
Kathy Fremeau Guay and Robert J. Guay
Marian R. Guidoboni and Norman W. Guidoboni
Sharon Guild and Lawrence W. Guild II
Scott Gundy
Laurie Gunn and William Gunn
Margaret S. Gurney and William B.Gurney
Andrew J. Gushee
Theresa Gutierrez and Manuel Gutierrez
Martha L. Haag and Jack M. Haag
Leslie A. Haas and Roger E. Haas
Pauline R. Hagelin and Keith A. Hagelin
Donna Hagstrom and Robert Hagstrom
Sherry R. Hahn and James A. Hill
Mary Hakim and Paul Hakim
Marilyn Halama and Daniel Halama
Waldron B. Haley
Michelle Haley
Jean Hall and Dean Hall
Helene M. Hallett G
Paula J. Hamblett and Mark R. Hamblett
Christina Hambrick/hobbs and Jonathan Hambrick
Karen Tongue Hammond G and Nathaniel T. Hammond G
Jacqueline Hammond and Paul Hammond
Laura Hampe
Kimberly F. Handera and George R. Handera
Susan C. Handy and James A. Wilfert
Jennifer Handy
Laurie Haney and Mark Haney
Dawn Hanf and Keith Hanf
Denise A. Hanley and Paul E. Hanley
Kathleen M. Hanlon and Mitchell B. Hanlon
Jeanne M. Hanlon and William Hanlon
Tammy Hanna and Christian Hanna III
Toni W. Hanover and Marc N. Hanover
Theresa A. Hanson and James D. Hanson
Lynn Hapke and Richard Hapke
Beverly A. Hardcastle and Phillip Hardcastle
Kathleen J. Harding
Brian G. Harding
Lori A. Harding and Bruce C. Harding, Jr.
Timothy W. Hardtke
Suzanne Hardy and Gregory Hardy
Deborah Harkins and Ken Berry
Kathy Harrington-Cote
Janet Harris
Nancy K. Harris and Constantine Harris
Lynne M. Harrison and Paul R. Harrison, Sr.
Sylvia Temple Hartmann and Ingo Hartmann G
Marcia V. Haslam and John W. Haslam
Catherine T. Hastings
Leslie D. Hathaway G and Michael R. Hathaway G
Mary Lou C. Hathorn and George T. Hathorn
Susan M. Haydock
Thomas Haydock
Cheryl A. Haydon and Leon K. Haydon
Barbara N. Hayes
Ellen M. Hayes and Douglas J. Hayes
Janis Haynes and Thomas R. Haynes
Sally F. Hayslip and Ellwyn F. Hayslip, Jr.
Patricia A. Hazard
Debra C. Healy and Robert K. Healy
Edward Healy
Susan V. Heapes and John R. Heapes
Laurie-Ann Hebert and Gary A. Hebert
Ann M. Hegarty and Philip J. Hegarty
Irene V. Heisenberg and Jochen H. Heisenberg G
Robin L. Heiser and Christian Heiser
Elizabeth A. Heldman and Gregory E. Heldman
Cynthia C. Hessberg and Albert Hessberg III
Jean Anne Hessenauer and J. Thomas Hessenauer
Nancy R. Hewitt and J. Martin Hewitt, Jr.
Sara W. Hewson and Dana C. Hewson
Helene Brunelle Hickey and William A. Hickey, Jr.
Sharon Turcotte Hickman and John Hickman
Susan Sperry Hicks and Robert F. Hicks
Karen A. Higginbotham and Kevin G. Higginbotham
Joyce R. Higgins and John E. Higgins, Jr.
Cheryl A. Hildreth and Christopher R. Hildreth
Kristen E. Hill G and Richard C. Hill v
Margaret E. Hill and Kenneth P. Hill
Maureen L. Hill and David A. Hill
Dionne C. Hilton and David C. Hilton
Eric O. Hirschfeld
Linda Hitchcock and David J. Hitchcock
Dianne Jorde Hjelte and C. Edward Hjelte, Jr.
Evelyn Ho and Mark Kittredge
Nadine B. Hoagland
Marcy Hoban and Donald R. Hoban
Karen M. Hobson and James W. Hobson
Helen U. Hodgeman and Stuart A. Hodgeman
Deborah Brooks Hodges and Richard E. Hodges
Brenda S. Hodgkiss and Roger K. Hodgkiss
Sandra I. Holl
John A. Hollingsworth, Jr.
Eileen L. Brodley and Gary R. Holman
C. Kenneth Holmes
Patricia M. Dumont and Bradley G. Holt
Leslie Hood and Kenneth Hood
Beverly L. Hoover G and John R. Hoover G
Darlene Hoover
Janet R. Hopkins and Thomas A. Hopkins
Kyle N. Hotaling and Michael D. Hotaling
Susan Houghton
Mary Walsh Houle and Richard L. Houle
Susan L. M. Houle
Sheila N. Hourihan and Leo S. Hourihan
Joyce E. Howard-Seigler
Heidi S. Howden and Gary N. Howden
Sandra Pace Howe and Paul C. Howe
Penny Howrigan and Kevin M. Howrigan
Patricia Lewis Hoyt G and Peter B. Hoyt G
Pamela Hoyt-Denison
Judith A. Hubbard and Wallace R. Hubbard
Geryl Hueter and Raymond M. Hueter
Janice A. Hughes
Elisabeth Humes and Andrew Humes
Karen K. Hunter and Michael W. Hunter
Barbara B. Huntress and Donald E. Huntress
Bonnie B. Hunziker and Stuart T. Hunziker
Robin L. Hurst and Thomas P. Hurst
Susan Hussey and Stephen Hussey
Kay Huston and Robert Huston
Penelope P. Hutchins G and C. Kenneth Hutchins G
Linda Hutchinson
Barbara B. Iafolla and Robert J. Iafolla
Mary Ianaconi and Pasquale Ianaconi
Donna M. InDelicato and John D. InDelicato
Marcy H. Innes
Susan E. Ireland and Lloyd D. Ireland
Lisa Irish
Julie Hamel Irwin and John Irwin
Constance M. Isabelle and Richard L. Isabelle
Sandra E. Izzo and William A. Izzo
Elizabeth A. Jablonski and Joseph W. Jablonski
Kelley-Anne Jack and Blaine D. Jack
Lorraine Childs and Michael R. Jackovitz
Denise A. Jackson and Michael A. Jackson
Deborah S. Jackson and James R. Jackson
Janice Jacob and Daniel Jacob
Carole C. Jacobs and John J. Jacobs
Patricia M. Jacobsmeyer and John H. Jacobsmeyer, Jr. G
Tammi L. James-Bertolami and David J. Bertolami
Karen Jankun and Jonathan Jankun
Carolynn Jansson and Richard Jansson
Barbara Midgley Jaques and Leigh F. Jaques, Jr.
Marie T. Jean
Gwendolyn Jefferson and Richard H. Jefferson
Barbara Jeniski
Patricia S. Jenks and Mark A. Jenks
Diane DeJager Jensen and Craig P. Jensen
Victoria Jensen and Arthur Jensen
Ethel A. Jewett G
Doreen M. Johnson and Scott N. Johnson
Barbara J. Johnson and Gary E. Johnson
Susan R. Johnson and William V. Johnson
Doreen Johnson and Richard Johnson
Mary Jane Johnson and Ronald Johnson
Karen Johnson and Eric Johnson
David M. Johnson
Joanne Johnson
Karen Johnson and Peter Johnson
Clinton J. Johnson
Suzanne S. Jones and W. Bruce Jones
Lynn Jones and Douglas Jones
Karen Jones
Everett Jones, Jr.
Harold V. Jordan
Susan C. Jordan and Robert Jordan
Karen Jordan and Robert Jordan, Jr.
Kelley J. Joseph and Thomas W. Joseph, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Joseph and Anthony M. Joseph
Joanne Joy and James B. Joy
Elizabeth McCartin Joyce and Deane P. Joyce
Carolee Bishop Julin and Arnold M. Julin
Elizabeth H. Juster and Steven Juster
William J. Justice
Cynthia Gould Jutras and Richard A. Jutras
Barbara V. Kageleiry and Harry Kageleiry
Linda J. Kalucki and Steven J. Kalucki
Mary Kammerer and Carl L. Kammerer
Anne J. Kathan and Oliver H. Kathan †
Mary Hastings Kaupin and Richard C. Kaupin
Barbara Kavanagh and Alan H. Weinstein
Elizabeth Kean G and Charles Kean III G
Kerry Meisel Keane G and Michael H. Keane G
Dorothy C. Keazer G and Robert L. Keazer G
Jeanne Marie Hopkins and John F. Keenan
Kristin M. Kehler and Charles S. Kehler
Laura Gieg Kell
Dawn Keller
Lisa Kellett and Scott J. Kellett
Rita Bradford Kelley and John S. Kelley
Wayne Kelley
Margaret R. Kelley and John P. Kelley, Jr.
Patricia A. Kelliher and Michael D. Kelliher, Jr.
Cynthia S. Kelly and James C. Kelly
Joanne Kelly and Kevin M. Kelly
Susan E. Kelly and Jerald L. Kelly
Jamie Kemp and Jeffrey Kemp
Ann Kenline
David Kenline
Kelley Kenney and Steven Kenney
Kerry A. Kenny
Carolyn A. Kent and David L. Kent
Lauren Kent and Paul W. Kent
Dorothea Kerlee
Nancy Kessler and William Kessler
Patricia A. Kheboian and Gary M. Kheboian
Noelle W. Khleif G and B. B. Khleif G
Linda E. Kijewski and John S. Kijewski
Christine M. Kiley and Bruce C. Kiley
Mary Kilrain and Thomas Kilrain
Ann Kimball and Jeffrey Kimball
Maureen Shannon Kimball and Kevin D. Kimball
Mildred G. Kimball and William S. Kimball
Julie Kinch and Joseph Kinch
Lisa King and David King
Katherine A. King and David S. King
Donna King
Jessica King and Thomas King
Pamela J. Kinneen and Timothy F. Kinneen
Nancy K. Kinney G and Peter M. Kinney G
Debra Kirouac and Donald R. Kirouac, Jr.
Maureen H. Kispert and Paul H. Kispert
Kristen Klecan and Robert Klecan
Catherine M. Klisz and Alan L. Klisz
Nancy Knight and Richard Knight
Michelle Koch
Ellen Koenig and Steven P. O'Connor
Roberta Kosek
Betsy Papadopoulas Kostis G and Dennis J. Kostis G
Karen Kottage G and William J. Kottage, Jr. G
Cheryl Kouble and Kevin Kouble
Anna M. Kovalcik and Thomas J. Kovalcik
Heidi P. Kozikis and Joseph P. Kozikis
Donna Kratz and Lee Kratz
Priscilla E. Kremer and William Kremer
M. Patricia Krippendorf and Peter S. Krippendorf
Irene Kucharski and David Kucharski
Jean M. Kucinskas and John L. Kucinskas
Carolyn M. Kuffert and Matthew J. Kuffert
Gail Kuist and Timothy Kuist
Susanleigh D. Kurtz and Timothy D. Kurtz
Diane Kwasnik and Jerry Kwasnik
Michael LaBonte
Louise Labore and Denis Labore
Barbara A. LaBranche and Richard F. LaBranche
Melissa LaBreck
Denise Labrecque and Christopher Labrecque
Consuelo Miller Lacasse and Richard Lacasse G
Janice S. Lachman and Mark S. Lachman
Suzanne Roy Ladd and Gilman Ladd, Jr.
Bernadette M. Lafond and Ronald P. Lafond
Evelyn M. Laky G and William R. Laky G
Kathleen Smith Laliberte and Richard L. Laliberte
Karen Lalor-Stack and David Stack
Kathryn M. Lamontagne and Maurice J. Lamontagne
Linda B. Riordan and Scott M. Lamothe
Cheryl M. Lang and Theodore K. Lang
Meredith S. Langevin and Frederick L. Langevin, Jr.
Julie Languirand and John Languirand
Theresa Lanigan and George B. Lanigan
Ann P. Lapchick and Joseph D. Lapchick
Deirdre L. Laplante and Phil J. Laplante
Donna A. Larkin and Daniel J. Larkin
Suzanne A. Larmer
Madeleine LaRose and Richard J. LaRose
Pamela M. Larson and Kenneth P. Larson
Elizabeth A. Larson and Lawrence J. Larson
Roger G. LaSante
Leslie A. Lastra and Brian M. Lastra
Robin Latreille and Mario Giese
Louise M. Latvis and Steven J. Latvis
Priscilla Laferte Lavertu and Donald C. Lavertu
Carol Laves and Joerg Laves
Nancy J. Lavoie and Michael P. Lavoie
Kelli Lavoie and David Lavoie
Laura L. Lavoie
Jacqueline M. Lawton
Lynda Leach and Donald Hamel
Karen Leafe and Kenneth Leafe
Sara M. Leavitt and Allan L. Leavitt
Sharon Lebel and Anthony Lebel
Joanne LeBlanc
Wanda LeBlanc
Michele L. LeBlanc and Christopher L. LeBlanc
Susan F. LeClair
Katherine Leclerc and Michael Leclerc
Julie A. Lee and Stephen W. Lee
Carol C. Lefavour and Richard C. Lefavour, Jr.
Denise Legare and Leo Legare
Donna M. Lehman and Alan F. Lehman
Elaine Leiper and Geoffrey Leiper
Kate O. Leith and John F. Leith
Andre J. Lemelin
Cynthia Lemovitz and Richard Lemovitz
April A. Leonard and David J. Leonard
Mary A. Leonard
Lauren E. Lepine and Roger E. Lepine
Jacqueline A. Leppzer and Edward P. Leppzer
Kim A. Lerman and Marc D. Lerman
Sheena C. Lesniewski
Jane Murray Lessels
Roy Lesure
Susanne H. Lewis G and Richard J. A. Lewis G
Daniel W. Lewis
Erin E. Lien and Jeffrey Lien
Lee Blythe Lilljedahl and Robert Lilljedahl G
Jennifer Lima and Antonio Lima
Silvia A. Linares and Ricardo G. Linares
Joanne T. Linxweiler and Jacob F. Linxweiler
Deborah Clark Liskow G and Wolfgang Liskow G
Kathleen B. Little
Melanie J. Lizotte and Theodore A. Lizotte
Barbara A. Lockwood and Gregory F. Lockwood
Kimberly Lohr and Roger B. Lohr
Suzanne Long and Robert Long
Kevin X. Looney
Maryellen Loranger
Susan L. Loschiavo and James A. Loschiavo
Robert T. Lougee
Kimberlee A. Loughery and James Loughery
Irene Venetos Loukedas and Stephen P. Loukedes
Barbara S. Lounsbury G and Donn C. Lounsbury G
Helen Filides Love and Henry J. Love
Jefferson E. Lovering
Sally A. Low G
Sarah Low and Steve Low
William B. Lowenthal
Sheila Lowes and Matthew Lowes, Jr.
Annmarie Lucas and Mark R. Lucas
Dawn Lucas and David Lucas
Donna L. Lukasiak and Robert F. Lukasiak
Kristin B. Lundsted
Diane L. Lupi and Edward P. Lupi, Jr.
David Lustberg
Pearl E. Lyman and Darren J. Lyman
Suzanne Lymberopoulos and Harry Lymberopoulos
Dawn B. Lynch and Michael J. Lynch
Kathleen Lyons and Gerald Lyons
Donna A. MacDonald and William W. MacDonald
Patricia A. MacDonald and Timothy S. MacDonald
Lori MacDonald and John MacDonald
Marian A. MacDonnell and Hugh G. MacDonnell
Susan M. MacGrath and Robert D. MacGrath
Ellen M. Machado and Ronald Machado
Carmen Goulet and Daniel D. MacIsaac
Jill H. Mack and Robert Mack
Joyce Nutter Mack and Quentin P. Mack
Ann E. MacKay and Robert H. MacKay
Patricia C. MacKinnon G and Kenneth A. MacKinnon G
Bernadette A. MacLellan and Eric MacLellan
Anne P. MacLeod G
Paricia MacNeil and Gerald MacNeil
Elizabeth MacPherson and Mark MacPherson
Lisa MacPherson
Robin H. Maddaus and John S. Maddaus
Mary E. Magnusson and Alan E. Magnusson
Kathleen S. Mahon and Patrick A. Mahon
Michelle L. Mailhot and Luke Mailhot
Carol Holt Mairs
Michael T. Makmann
Lisa Malanga and Frank Malanga
Margaret Mallory and Kevin Mallory
Maureen Mangar
Janice Mango and Robert Mango
Kelly B. Mann and Russell D. Mann
David J. Mannai
Jo Ellen Manning and Scott A. Manning
Kathryn L. Manor and Bernard C. Manor
Joanne Simon and Brian Mantarian
Terry J. Marcille
Kathryn R. Marinick
Patricia L. Marino and Gerard J. Marino
Ruth Markt and Thomas Markt
Cynthia Marlin
Michael Marr
Heather Marsden and Scott Marsden
Susan A. Marshall and Daniel E. Marshall
Elise Marshall and David Marshall
Adrienne A. Marshall
Betsy S. Marstaller and Thomas H. Marstaller
Diana M. Martin and Fred C. Martin
Theresa M. Martin and Bruce F. Martin
Ann Marie Martin and David J. Martin
Joyce Martin and Steven J. Martin
Nancy A. Martiniello and Ronald Martiniello
Lori Martone-Vinci and Vincent Vinci
Marguerite Mason and Robert L. Mason
Lisa E. Mason and Christopher J. Mason
Therese Mason and John Philip Mason
Gwendolyn L. Mason-Callahan and James R. Callahan
Gwendolyn L. Mason-Callahan and James R. Callahan
Kimberly E. Mason and George H. Mason, Jr.
Mary J. Massa and Joseph W. Massa
Donna G. Ciotti and Andrew L. Mastrobattista
Charyl Matheson and John Matheson
Lisa L. Trahan and John L. Mathieu
Joanne F. Matthews and George W. Matthews
Madeleine H. Mattson and Steven E. Mattson
Julia Steed Mawson and Michael J. Mawson
Jennifer Mayo and Gregory Mayo
Elizabeth E. Mazzone and Michael C. Mazzone
Debra S. Groveman and John A. McBain
Susan I. McCarthy and Robert B. McCarthy
Maureen McCarthy and John V. Walsh
Beradette McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy
Cheryl A. McCarthy and Newton M. McCarthy
Michael J. McCarthy
Christine McCarthy
Mary McConnell and Oliver McConnell
Cheryl McCormack and James McCormack
Victoria A. McCormick G and Stephen D. McCormick G
Vicki L. McDonald and Thomas J. McDonald
Roberta P. McGaughey and Norman J. McGaughey
Elizabeth McGaughey-Willis
Karen L. McGee and Brian T. Malette
William B. McGee, Jr.
Barbara McGillivray and James McGillivray
Cynthia McGinnis and Thomas McGinnis
Holly McGovern
Mary McGrath and David McGrath
Janice L. McGuire and Stephen J. McGuire
Marie McHugh and William McHugh
Betty Platine McKee and R. Curtis McKee
Laurie A. McKenzie and Scott F. McKenzie
Michele McKeon-Stanton and Michael Stanton
Katherine McKnight and Kevin McKnight
Joanne McLaughlin and Stephen F. McLaughlin
Nancy L. McLaughlin and Patrick J. McLaughlin
Heather McLean
Martha S. McLeod G and Richard McLeod G
Ronald McLeod
Nancy M. McManus and David F. McManus
Laura McMinn-Larson and Todd P. Larson
Debra-Jean McNally and Jeffrey S. McNally
Emily J. McNamara and Stephen J. McNamara
Rebecca C. McNeil and David A. McNeil, Sr.
Keith McNutt
Edward McPherson
Elizabeth P. McQuade
Kathryn A. McQuaid and Lawrence P. McQuaid
Nancy McQuillin and Brian McQuillin
Ellen J. McWade and Christopher J. McWade
Mary Meade and Michael Meade
Lanette Mech
Patricia Meehan and Mark Meehan
Maryanne Meisel † and John G. Meisel G
Leslie Melby and David Melby
Donna Menafra and Robert J. Menafra
Gale I. Mender and William J. Mender
Joanne E. Menson and James S. Menson
Janet R. Mercier and Jeffrey G. Mercier
Jean McCormack Merrifield and Stephen Merrifield G
Genevieve Todd Merrill and John W. Merrill G
Kristina J. Merrill and Reid N. Merrill
Marilyn Moses Meserve and Edwin C. Meserve
Marlea Mesh
Ann M. Messa and Anthony U. Messa
Diane S. Metell and H. Michael Metell
Timothy R. Metivier
Nancy L. Michaud and James F. Michaud
James Milch
Paula H. Miles G and Russell A. Miles G
Linda J. Maxson and Talbott D. Miller
Amy Miller and James I. Miller III
Michelle A. Millerd and Geoffrey Millerd
Joann Balsamo Miller and Charles W. Miller, Jr.
Deborah Mills
Dodie M. Mineau and Guy D. Mineau
Colleen A. Minigan and John P. Minigan
Denise Mitchell and Edward Mitchell
Michelle M. Mitchell and Craig D. Mitchell
Beth Molinaro and Anthony Molinaro
Danielle E. Molleur and Denis R. Molleur
Jan Monahan
Barbara A. Mongiardo and Bruno Mongiardo
Wendi Moniz and Alfred Moniz
Anthony Montecalvo
Allison M. Moon and Blaine A. Moon
Judith L. Mooney and Richard F. Mooney
Arlean T. Mooradian
Nicole I. Moore and R. Gregory Moore
Donald A. Moore
Elaine V. Moore and Robert C. Moore
Michelle Moore
Kathleen E. Moore and Edward R. Moore
Rachel Morales
Jean E. Moreau G
Margorie Moreau and Robert F. Moreau
Robert S. Morey
Nancy P. Morey and John A. Morey
Lynne Morey and Thomas Morey
Karen Morganelli
Wendy C. Morgan and Richard E. Morgan, Jr.
Jeannine E. Morin and Maurice L. Morin
Stephen G. Morin
Michelle Morneau and Scott Morneau
Joan I. Morris and Peter V. Morris
Janet Murphy Morrison G
Elizabeth A. Morrison
Linda D. Morse and David E. Morse
Virginia M. Morse and Robert L. Morse
Martha S. Morse and Michael G. Morse
Elisena Moscone
Robin S. Mose and James A. Mose
Margaret Mottolo
Deborah L. Moulton
Alice S. Mower G and Todd M. Mower G
Alice B. Muh and Robert B. Muh
Dorinda S. Muir and Robert J. Muir
Karen E. Muise and David M. Muise
Caroline Mulcahy and Mark Mulcahy
Dawn Mulchahey
Joanne Mullaney and Robert Mullaney
Justine Lowry Mullen and Donald K. Mullen
Margaret Mullin and Peter Mullin
Estelle Isherwood Munro G
Tammie A. Munro and David E. Munro
Elizabeth Schuler Murphy and Clarence J. Murphy
Mary T. Durr and Christopher J. Murphy
Kathleen M. Murphy and Patrick T. Murphy
Siobhan Murphy and Arthur Murphy
Jane Murphy and William Murphy
Elizabeth A. Murphy-Zielinski and Edward M. Zielinski
Cynthia D. Murray and Melvin F. Murray
Rachel Murray and Kirby Murray
Hilda C. Murtha and Emmitt D. Brewington
Dawn M. Mutuski and Gerald F. Mutuski
Janet L. Nadeau G and Ronald H. Nadeau G
Pamela J. Najarian
Elizabeth Nardone and Peter E. Nardone
Debra A. Naro and Timothy M. Naro
Sandra A. Natale and Edward R. Natale
Jeffery A. Neville
Carol M. Newcombe and Thomas B. Newcombe
Mary R. Nicholson and James M. Nicholson
Donna M. Nicholson and John E. Nicholson
Deborah Nicholson and Stephen Nicholson
Linda Powers Nickerson and Charles L. Nickerson G
Nancy E. Nickerson and Steve L. Nickerson
Kelly Nickerson and David Nickerson
Karen J. Niemczyk and Michael E. Niemczyk
Brenda St. Clair Niland and James A. Niland
Barbara Niland and John Niland
Diane Nine and Robert Nine
Normand Noiseux
Maria S. Nolet and Richard P. Nolet
Diane J. Norton and John Norton
Janet E. Nothnagel and John D. Nothnagel
Marta J. Nover and Henry T. Nover
Lisa Nowlan
Donna A. Ingalls and Nicholas P. Nowland, Sr.
Alice Noyes and Nicholas T. Noyes
Suzanne P. Ntapalis and Harry G. Ntapalis
Barbara E. Nystrom
Judith Hatch Oberg and Peter W. Oberg
Gail M. O'Brien G and Matthew D. O'Brien G
Stephen F. O'Connell
Cathleen A. O'Connell and John T. O'Connell, Jr.
Elaine O'Dea and Shaun O'Dea
Donna W. Ohanian
Kristin O'Hara and Charles O'Hara
Lisa Ohman and Robert Ohman
Madeline Oka and Paul Oka
Jordan Olin
Grace Olive and Arthur N. Olive
Mary Swindell Olivier and Bryan M. Olivier
Kathryn A. Olsen and Tom S. Olsen
Tara E. Olshaw and Frederick J. Olshaw
Theresa J. Olver and Randy D. Olver
James F. O'Neil
Deborah O'Neil and Joseph O'Neil
Andrea A. O'Neill Sapienza and Robert O'Neill
Mary O'Quinn and John O'Quinn
Katherine L. O'Regan and Robert E. O'Regan
Elise K. Orfei
Editha V. O'Rourke and John M. O'Rourke, Jr.
Faith M. Osborne-Long and Ladd B. Osborne
Peter Osiecki
Linda Osienski
Roberta Bailey Otis and Stanton C. Otis, Jr.
Ann E. Ottalagana and Joseph Ottalagana
Susan Gutenplan Oxman and Allan G. Oxman
Lydia Bailey and David F. Pac
Cynthia Palage and Douglas Doyle
James Palleschi
Jackie Palmer and Aaron K. Palmer
Mary Paola
Nancy A. Papows
Paul Pappalardo
Kristen McGary Pardo and Alejandro Pardo
Joan Stevens Parent G and David T. Parent G
Patricia Trow Parent and Robert F. Parent, Jr.
Barbara E. Parent and John P. Parent
Robin M. Parent and David M. Parent
Gregory Parker
Lisa Parr
Luanne M. Parziale
Trudy Parzych
Cynthia M. Patenaude and Guy C. Patenaude
Lianne Patenaude and Thomas M. Patenaude
Karen Patnaude and Mark T. Patnaude
Kristen L. Patton and John Patton
Elizabeth E. Pauley and Roger R. Pauley
Janice T. Pauly and William Pauly
Sandy M. Pavelski and Michael J. Pavelski
Laura L. Payne-Bourcy and Patrick M. Bourcy
Deborah L. Payson and John A. Payson
Kelly Peavey and Daniel Peavey
Drusella W. Pegnato and Francis P. Pegnato
Daniel G. Pelizza
Elizabeth Pelletier and Timothy S. Pelletier
Michelle M. Pelletier
Constance C. Pelletier and William J. Pelletier, Sr.
Pamela J. Penney and Jensen V. Penney, Jr.
Karen Pepper and Thomas A. Pepper
Alexander J. Perez
Mary M. Perkins and Steven L. Perkins
Debra Lamson Perkins and Chandler M. Perkins
James Perl
Peggy S. Perry and William M. Perry
Richard K. Perry
Beth L. Petit
Dolores Petrush-Tarlton and Scott Tarlton
Daniel C. Pevear
Michael B. Pheffer
Jodi M. Phelan and William L. Phelan
Deborah S. Phelps and Walter E. Phelps
Lori Piascik
Lynn E. Picard and Tate S. Picard
Carla Piccolo
Anne Merrill Pickard
Kathleen Picone and Richard Picone
Jane P. Piecuch and Alan P. Piecuch
Lynne Pierce
B. Noel Pierce and Stephen Pierce
Susan Ahearn-Pierce and Joseph C. Pierce, Jr.
Laurie Piispanen and Thomas Piispanen
Lynne Pike-DiSanto and Paul C. DiSanto
Cindy Blanchette Pineau and Richard Pineau
J. Christopher Pirie
Jean A. Pitts and Randall E. Pitts
Yvette Roux Plantier and Henry A. Plantier
Lynda McLaughlin and Richard Plessner
Deborah H. Ploof and Arthur E. Ploof, Jr.
Patricia Loman Plummer and John C. Plummer
Douglas R. Plummer
Susan M. Plummer and Bruce R. Plummer
Margaret F. Pobywajlo G and Theodore Pobywajlo G
Elizabeth A. Poccia and Michael A. Poccia
Donna M. Poe and James Poe
Deborah A. Poehlman and Russell R. Poehlman
Nancy C. Polak
John Polak
Karen L. Poland and Wayne F. Poland
Patricia M. Potts and Robert G. Potts
Pamela K. Power-Fitzgerald and Mark Fitzgerald
Karen L. Powers and Bradley E. Powers
Dianne E. Powers and Mark T. Powers
Mary B. Powers and Stephen P. Powers
Jacqueline Powers
Susan J. Pramberg and Jay P. Pramberg
Sarah J. Pratt and Richard C. Pratt
Laurie A. Prestia and Gary E. Prestia
Deborah Eastman-Proulx and Denis Proulx
Melissa Provost and Robert Provost
Suzanne S. Pugh
Angela Putnam and Stanley R. Putnam
Mark L. Puzzo
Robin Quast and Kenneth Quast
Janis A. Quattrocchi and Stephen A. Quattrocchi
Diane M. Querze and David F. Querze
Kathleen E. Quinn and Jeffrey S. Frost
David Quinn
Lisa Quintus and Timothy Quintus
Penny I. Raby and John E. Raby, Sr.
Ellen Rancourt and Robbin E. Rancourt
Edwina S. Randall and Allan D. Randall G
Laurie E. Randazzo
Joanne M. Rano and Timothy L. Rano
Jodi A. Raphael
Carol A. Rasmussen and David A. Rood
Tracey Rauh
Susan Sween Read and Philip E. Read
Marguerite A. Read and Frederick J. Read
Joanne Connors Read G and Walter E. Read, Jr. G
Susan Reddy and Michael J. Reddy
Diane S. Redus and Jack E. Redus
Nannette Reed
Emily Rees and Kenneth W. Rees
Joanne Reeves and Robert J. Reeves
Lorraine M. Reibold and Karl Reibold
Jean L. Reid and James Reid
Joanne E. Reitz
Andigone Bisbas Rellas G and Stephen J. Rellas G
Sheila D. Renaud-Finnegan
Laurie Renke and Christopher Renke
Carole Hassett Renselaer
Ruth N. Reola and Alexander T. Reola
Jenny Reuter and John Reuter
Wendy S. Rexford
Janet L. Reynolds and Randy L. Reynolds
Beverly Reynolds and David W. Reynolds
Kathleen D. Reynolds and Andrew E. Reynolds
Patricia G. Riccardi and Michael Riccardi
Anne M. Rice and Timothy D. Rice
Stella Rice and John Rice
Elisabeth H. Rich and James D. Rich
Audrey Higgins Richard and Joseph R. Richard
Brenda Richards and Howard R. Richards
Karen E. Richardson and Barry A. Richardson
Tracy E. Richardson and Michael T. Richardson
Colette A. Haag-Rickert and Michael S. Rickert
Lucia Ricottilli and John Ricottilli
Dale Rideout and Barry Rideout
Geraldine Riecks
Maureen B. Riley
Elaine B. Riordon and John Riordon
Brenda L. Ripley and Eric J. Ripley
Patricia D. Ripperger and Philip L. Ripperger
Liza M. Rivard and Gary J. Rivard
Paula Rivers
Peggy Riviere and Peter Riviere
Nilda Roberge and Timothy Roberge
Julie Perkins Robie and Jeffrey J. Robie
Leslie A. Robinson
Barbara E. Robinson and Rodney A. Robinson G
Marie D. Robinson
Gregory Rocci
Susan P. Roemer and Howard J. Roemer
Deborah E. Roffo and Charles W. Roffo
Maura E. Rogers
Mary Rogers and Gilbert Rogers
Norma T. Rohrs
Rebekah Rosen-Gomez and Geherly Gomez
Mary L. Ross
Alison G. Ross and Douglas M. Ross
Lauren M. Rothwell and Matthew J. Rothwell
Jennifer G. Rouillard and Peter H. Rouillard
Paula Rounds and Martin P. Rounds
Judith Rousakis and Robert Rousakis
Jackie L. Rubin
Lynne J. Rudert
Lyn Rudowski and John Rudowski
Roxann Rullman and Donald H. Rullman
Lorraine J. Rusinak and Michael Rusinak, Jr.
Theresa J. Russell and Eugene P. Cray
Lisa Ryan and Jeff Ryan
Sharon A. Ryan and Richard T. Ryan, Jr.
Ann Ryder and David A. Burdett
Catherine Ryder and David Ryder
Patricia A. Sabiston G and Douglas B. Sabiston G
Julia G. Sackett
Brian F. Sager
Karen M. Saia
Leslie Salerno and Anthony Salerno
Maureen S. Sales and Enrique Sales
Ana Salmeron and Manuel Salmeron
Debra A. Samaha and Peter E. Samaha
Sandra R. Samaha and Bruce E. Beuchel G
Gail W. Sampson G and Robert G. Sampson G
Sandra J. Sampson and David A. Sampson
Donna M. Samuel and Gregory J. Samuel, Sr.
Holly Sanders G and Richard T. Sanders G
Kathryn K. Sanders G and Robert A. Sanders G
Susan B. Sanders
Linda M. Santos-Kiernan and Frederick J. Santos, Jr.
Maria Saramago and Michael Saramago
Lisa Saunders and Samuel Saunders
Iris Y. Sawyer and Harry J. Sawyer G
Thelma M. Sawyer
Priscilla Pattee Sawyer and Eugene F. Sawyer
Pamela C. Schaaff
David Schaefer
Virginia Schartner
Betsy D. Scheer and Kenneth P. Scheer, Jr.
Cassie Schiff and Alan Schiff
Susan L. H. Schneider G and Gary P. Schneider G
Suzanne B. Schott
Suzanne M. Schroeter
Patricia J. Schuman and Michael A. Schuman
Karen C. Schuster and Peter L. Schuster
Darla Schwab
Jackie D. Scofield and Stephen B. Scofield
Phyllis S. Scott
Karen Sebastian and Steven Sebastian
Claire Seger and F. Dan Seger
Diane V. Selnau and Paul H. Selnau
Laura J. Seraichick and Stephen C. Seraichick
William A. Setera, Sr.
Karen W. Seward G and Thomas R. Seward G
Tanya T. Sexton and John F. Sexton
Christine G. Seymour
Donald Seymour
Jeanne Shaheen and William H. Shaheen II
Eileen Shahin and Omar Shahin
Heather Crawford-Shambarger and Frank C. Shambarger IV
Rebecca J. Sharkey and Kenneth S. Sharkey
Joyce A. Shaw G and Robert E. Shaw G
Joan Shay and Robert Shay, Jr.
Sally Gordon Shea
Lynne Fabianich Shea and Robert E. Shea
Deborah Shea
Patricia Shea
Bettyann Sheats and George Sheats
Deborah Sheehan and Michael Sheehan
Deborah M. Sherman and Gregory L. Sherman
Rachel Shields and Robert Shields
C. Russell Shillaber G
Susan H. Shillue
Gail A. Shobin and Mark Z. Shobin
Dianne Shullenberger G and John D. Shullenberger G
Maura Q. Shunney and Michael E. Shunney
Patricia C. Siel and Lonnie E. Siel
Susan Sievers and William Sievers
Kimberly Sikoski and Dennis Sikoski
Susan W. Silva and Donald F. Silva
Barbara LaPointe Silva and Robert M. Silva G
Elizabeth Simonds
Trisha W. Simpson and Robert S. Simpson
William P. Sims, Jr.
Claire Sims-Randall
Lynn Singster and Paul G. Singster
Virginia B. Skelley and Alan F. Skelley, Sr.
Joseph Skerry III
Jill Skilling and Bruce Skilling
Sarah Skoletsky and Joel Skoletsky
Laura Sleeper and Raymond Sleeper
Cherie L. Smeltzer and Jeffrey Smeltzer
Amy Lagravenis Smith and Robert K. Smith
Heather L. Smith and Brian P. Smith
Lynn C. Smith G
Carol E. Smith
Pauline L. Smith
Carol H. Smith
Lauren M. Smith G and Andrew W. Smith
Steven F. Smith
Kathryn J. Smith
Joanne C. Smith
Susan Smith and Randall Smith
Laurie J. Smith and Gary W. Smith
Sharon Smith and Kenneth Smith
Dannise M. Smith
Nancy Campanella Smith and Andrew Smith
Mary-Beth Smith
Leslie Smith
Deborah A. Smith and Richard T. Smith
Marianne C. Smith and Thomas W. Smith, Jr.
Stacey E. Smith
Cheryl A. Smith and Harry J. Smith III
Janet A. Snow
Donna K. Snow and Steven R. Snow
Linda V. Soderlund and Gary J. Soderlund
Amy Somerville
Hanne Ankersen and Bo Sonnichsen
Teressa J. Sontag and Fredrick H. Sontag
Laura Sturgeon Sousa and David J. Sousa
Cheryl Sousa and Walter Sousa
Marcia Spainhower and Tobey Spainhower
Laura Spannaus and David Spannaus
Jennifer L. Spaziani and David A. Cote
Beth Jones Spead and William A. Spead
Anne Speicher and William Speicher
Patricia A. Speltz and Michael J. Speltz
Jeanne M. Spillane and Peter M. Spillane
Robin D. Spinale and James D. Spinale
Catherine M. Spinney
Marie A. Stackhouse and William G. Stackhouse
Patricia St. Clair Stanton and John P. Stanton
Kim A. Statler and Charles J. Statler
Beverly A. Stayer G
Judith Johnson Stebbins G and Arnold N. Stebbins G
Monica Rooney Stedman and Peter Stedman G
Carol L. Thorsten-Stein and Bruce P. Stein
Barbara E. Steinberg and Stephen Steinberg
Diana C. Sterling and Gerald M. Sterling
Stacia L. Stevens
Jeri W. Stevens and Douglas Stevens
LuAnn Stevens and James H. Stevens
Cynthia Stevenson and Ronald Stevenson
Kathryn A. Stewart and John E. Purcell
Theresa Stewart
Janet C. St. Jean and Robert P. St. Jean
Karen St. Martin and John St. Martin
Wendy B. Stocks and Dean D. Stocks
Constance E. Stone
Judith T. Stone and James F. Stone
Jacqueleen A. Storro and Todd M. Storro
Eileen F. Strasser and Roy E. Strasser
Jane Strauss and Robert Strauss
Eileen M. Streeter and Paul L. Streeter
Nancy S. Streitman and Robert Streitman
Marcia Martin Strout and Perley R. Strout
Linda Nowak Struble and Spencer Struble
Cynthia Finocchario Student and Kevin W. Student
Gail R. Sudduth G and S. Scott Sudduth
Sheila R. Sullivan and Peter Sullivan
Lisa A. Sullivan and Daniel J. Sullivan
Susan C. Sullivan and Richard D. Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan
Lisa M. Sullivan and Shaun E. Sullivan
Barbara A. Sundberg and Keith Sundberg
Pia M. Sunderland and Lawrence B. Sunderland
Susan L. Sunderland
Catherine Sutton and Todd Sutton
Margaret A. Svendsen and Jon N. Svendsen
Linda R. Swanson and Charles D. Swanson
Mary Sweeney and Mark Sweeney
Cynthia Swett
Allison Swindlehurst and John R. Swindlehurst
Dana Burney Swist and David Swist
Deborah Sye and Richard Sye
Elizabeth A. Szadzinski and Walt Szadzinski
Debra P. Taaffe and Paul K. Taaffe
Norma Simes Taatjes and Robert D. Taatjes
Maryellen Taglilatela and David Taglilatela
Linda J. Tait and David S. Tait
Deborah F. Tasker and Arthur C. Tasker
Marian Tatarczuk and Stephen Tatarczuk
Charlotte Brown Taylor G
Claudine Taylor and James C. Taylor
Janet H. Taylor and John S. Taylor
Linda Taylor and Michael Taylor
Barbara Taylor and Sean Taylor
Patricia Tedescucci and Anthony Tedescucci
Patricia Tedford and Douglas Tedford
Gina M. Tegtmeier and Thomas M. Tegtmeier
Colleen A. Teren and Gregory W. Teren
Madeleine M. Terenzio and Stephen G. Terenzio
Marcia Hadley Terkow and John W. Terkow G
Mary Ellersick Tetreau and Philip E. Tetreau, Jr.
Brigitte Therivel and William A. Therivel
Brenda W. Thomas
Martha W. Thomas and Louis O. Thomas G
Monica Rainville-Thomas and Anthony Thomas
Janet M. Thomas and Kenneth P. Thomas
Kathleen Thorn and Steven Thorn
Susan N. Thornton and Wayne C. Thornton
Joan M. Tierney G and David B. Tierney
Melissa Tillotson and Scott Tillotson
Margaret C. Tilton
David C. Timmerman
Deborah L. Timmons and Dirk S. Timmons
Peter E. Titus
Jean Toby and Bruce Toby
Susan D. Todd and Bradford P. Todd
Sri Rejeki and Kim Tong
Suzanne Tonietto
Phyllis M. Toomey and Dennis G. Toomey
Barbara A. Toomire and Brian R. Toomire
Carolyn Dunn Topliff and Ross S. Topliff
Adrienne B. Topliffe G and Douglas A. Topliffe G
Jane Toporoff and Robert Toporoff
Patricia Topoulos and Andrew Topoulos
Vicki Touba and Vali Touba
Lisa A. Tovey and James L. Tovey
Carolyn A. Trachim
Paraskeva Traganos
Marie M. Tredway and William K. Tredway
Karen Tremaine and Kelly Tremaine
Sharon K. Tremblay and Roger A. Tremblay
Robert Tremblay
Amy Tremblay and Leo Tremblay
Dana Tripodi and Patrick Tripodi
Susan D. Tripp and Larry E. Tripp
Rebecca L. Trubacz and Paul Trubacz
Margaret Kearns Trubiano and Tony D. Trubiano
Lorraine Elliott Truchon and Richard P. Truchon
Jan C. Trudell and Alan A. Trudell
Susan P. C. True and Robert B. True
Susan Truesdale and Neal Truesdale
Penelope K. Hondrogen and Scott Tseckares
Judith Rossetti Tubbs and Peter A. Tubbs
Christine B. Tucker and Robert J. Tucker
Elisabeth D. Tuite and Andrew L. Tuite
Patricia Turkington and Stephen Turkington
Wendy N. Turner and Richard E. Turner
Maureen W. Turner and Michael E. Turner
Tamara Turner and Stephen Turner
Joanna Russell Tuveson and Robert A. Tuveson G
Donna S. Twiss G and Roderick D. Twiss G
Leanne H. Tzavalas and Nicholas Tzavalas
Susan Ulin and Gary M. Ulin
Cynthia T. Ullrich and Richard G. Ullrich
Dorothy K. Unkles and Thomas Unkles
Cynthia L. Giguere and Allen A. Unrein
Nancy Stratton Utter and Henry E. Utter II
Nicholas M. Vadala
Cynthia M. Vahey and Thomas J. Vahey
Diane Vanacore and Raymond Vanacore, Sr.
Susan M. Vanasse and Daniel Vanasse
Pat Van der Heijden and Michael Van der Heijden
Michael Vanderheyden
Helena Vander-Heyden G
Denise M. Vasso
Susan E. Veilleux
Rosalie Tutrone Veinott and John A. Veinott
Jennifer Veno
Hope Ferraro and Kevin Verrier
Timothy B. Verrill
Susan J. Vertullo Lopez and Dana Lopez
Jerry F. Vest and Wilford B. Burton
Mary Ellen King Via and Warren W. Via, Jr.
Linda Vickery and Eric Vickery
Milagros Caraballo and Francis A. Vidal
Lucia Vidal
Kimberly R. Viglas and James C. Viglas
Valerie J. Vigue and Michael L. Vigue
Amelia Villaluz
Debra E. Villiard and Dennis M. Villiard
Deborah M. Violandi
Maria E. Votto and Mark A. Votto
Karen E. Wahrenberger and Jon W. Wahrenberger
Daphne Lees Wall G
Joseph C. Wall
Ruth W. Wallace and R. Stuart Wallace, Jr.
Cynthia Macek Walsh G and Stephen F. Walsh G
Karen M. Walsh and Charles H. Walsh
Karen S. Walton and Robert F. Walton G
Daryl L. Wardwell and Bruce P. Wardwell
Marguerite A. Warner and John P. Warner
Martha J. Warren and Thomas S. Warren
Susan Warren and Brad Warren
Katheleen D. Waste and William H. Waste
Barbara N. Waterhouse and Robert C. Waterhouse
Myrna H. Watskin and Gerald J. Watskin
Hugh Wattles
Terri L. Weatherholtz and James P. Weatherholtz
Robin H. Webb G and Van O. Webb G
Carren A. Webber and Scott P. Webber
Robert E. Webster
Patricia Weeks and Paul D. Weeks
Valerie A. Weider and Michael A. Weider
Michaella A. Weimer
Alfreda M. Weinbrecht and John Salerno
Pat Weisberg and Daniel M. Poland
Ellen M. Wellington and T. Scott Wellington, Sr.
Martha L. Hoddinott and Thomas D. Wells
Anita Moulton Wentworth and David A. Wentworth
Mara A. Wesolaski and Eugene A. Wesolaski
Cheryl Wesson and Scott Wesson
Joanne Westervelt and Jonathan G. Westervelt
Jill Weyant and Kirkwood R. Weyant
Persis Gow Whalley G
Patricia Quinn Wheeler and Robert N. Wheeler
Mary M. Whelan and James Whelan
Diane G. Whipple and Jeffrey D. Whipple
Barbara Prudhomme White G and Kent R. White G
Jacqueline P. White and Mark D. White
Ruth A. White G
Linda White and David White
Maureen White and Ronald White
Debra White and Dale White
Stephen White
Madaleine Whitehouse
Susan D. Whitford
April M. Whithed and James H. Whithed
Joan M. Whiting and Robert A. Whiting, Sr. G
Leonard Whitlock
Lisa Whitney
Kimberly M. Wiggin and Daniel S. Wiggin
Ellen J. Wight and John J. Wight
Lenette Wilde
Laurinda A. Wilkes and Scott L. Wilkes
Sharon Wilkinson and Jon Wilkinson
Kathleen R. Willette and Gilbert J. Willette
Ann Williams and R. Craig Williams
Eva A. Williams
Jennifer P. Williams and George P. Williams
Perry Forbes Williamson and John E. Williamson
Ingrid N. Willikens and Donald E. Willikens
Amy M. Wilson
Richard Wilson
Christopher C. Winslow G
Susan B. Winslow and Daniel B. Winslow
Michele Withers and Matthew Withers
Michelle C. Wohlfarth and Donald L. Wohlfarth, Jr.
Brian Wong
Karen Graham and Gregg Woodes
Paula C. Devlin-Wood and Harold R. Wood, Jr.
Gretchen K. Woodman and Larry W. Woodman
Janice Brown Woodman
Diane R. Woodward and Duncan F. Woodward G
Annemarie Woodward and Jonathan C. Woodward
Sally G. Wool
Maureen G. Woolley
Kimberly M. Cardosi and William R. Wooten
Sarah G. Wordell and David G. Wordell
Nancy Worden and John Worden
Sonya C. Workman and Scott W. Workman
Cheryl S. Wright G and Andrew K. Wright G
Mary Wright G
Maria Wysocki
Gail M. Yalenezian and Albert H. Yalenezian
Jenifer Yandell and Charles Yandell
Sharon Yandow
Jennifer Yang and Thomas Yang
Mary L. Yenor and Michael J. Yenor
John E. Yost
Andree Houle Young G and Kenton M. Young G
Lorene Scott Young
Carolyn A. Young and Bernard Young
Kimberly A. Young G and Peter B. Young G
Deborah J. Young and Thomas S. Young
Theresa M. Young and David A. Young
Tanya Young
Virginia G. Zabriskie and Ralph A. Zabriskie, Sr.
Paula R. Zahka and Edward A. Zahka
Maria H. Zapata and John J. Zapata
James F. Zellner
Linda K. Zettler and Andrew R. Zettler
John Zimardo, Sr.
Lynne Zimmerman G and Roger S. Zimmerman G
Karen M. Ziobron and Donald Ziobron
Phyllis F. Zioze and George K. Zioze
L. Steven Zuckerman
Linda P. Zukas
Karen N. Zukowski and Lawrence A. Zukowski
Lynne Zygmont